My secret...I steal spoons

It amazes me the little things that amuse my son. An impossibly small piece of dirt on the ground, the cat running away from him, tissue, papers, many other things but one of his favorites is the spoon. I don't understand the love but if my son is fussing and you hand him a spoon he becomes the poster child of well behaved. His favorite are plastic soup spoons. These can only be found at fast food places. When we go out to eat the first thing I do when I sit down is ask for a spoon please. I get the strangest looks from waitresses but they don't understand I am saving them from hearing my son whale or destroy everything he touches. When I go to fast food places and I find the coveted soup spoons I can't help but take a few extra. Is this really stealing? I mean they put them out there for me to take right? And I've never seen a sign that says please only take as many spoons as you need for this meal. So I stock up. Thats right if you are driving down the road and you see me in my very nice SUV dressed well and looking normal please ignore the giant pile of spoons that sit in the cubby on my dashboard. Thats right I have plastic utensils in my car. But they make my son happy so I do it. So if you are a waitress and you see me in a restaurant please don't look at me weird when I ask for a spoon. And if you work at QDOBA please look the other way when you see me pocketing spoons. So there you have it my big secret is out I steal spoons. Please don't judge.

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