Sex and high school

I’m sitting here recalling the day I lost my virginity. I started talking to a new friend and we began sharing stories from high school and like those conversations always do it quickly turned to sex. We compared notes about when and where it happened. I didn’t lose my virginity until I was 14. My best friends Katie and Ginger and I had gone to the rodeo. That is where I met him. His name was Tim. He was so gorgeous. He had the bluest eyes I have ever seen. Even today I’ve never seen eyes so blue. He had a mustache too. Don’t ask why but I’ve always had a thing for guys with facial hair. Tim and I start talking and exchange numbers. Before I knew it we were talking all the time and making plans to meet up. We meet up a few times and one day a few weeks after school started I was hanging out at Katie’s and Tim called. He told me he was gong to drive up there and see me but wanted to make sure I wasn’t going to “disappoint” when he showed up. Okkkkkkkay what do I do with that. So he comes over and we retreat up to Katie’s room. He asks me if this is what I really want and I say yes because of course I don’t want to have to “disappoint” him. He pulls out and condom and it doesn’t hurt as bad as I heard it would. It was odd though because he wouldn’t just get it over with. This guy was like the energizer bunny. He wanted to show me this move and that move and at one point he propped my bare ass up in Katie’s window and was fucking me from there. I couldn’t believe his stamina. Finally it was over. This was bad though because he set the standards so high for all the guys who came after him. I asked him why he tried so many different things and he replied, “If I’m going to teach you I’m going to teach you right.” I guess it ended up being beneficial for every guy who came after him but of course at that time I sure didn’t know it. Tim and I continued to sneak off here and there and fuck in the backseat of his orange Bronco but that was it. We were never serious and to this day we are still friendly with each other as if he didn’t take my virginity and I didn’t pine over him for hours and hours in high school. Everyone in school knew about Tim. Everyone in my town knew about it. Everyone but my parents. My mom found out the truth many years later. Tim kind of set the tone for the next couple years of high school. One of the most memorable things from that time is the famous “G” incident. I can’t believe nearly ten years later I still hear about this or get asked about it. So I figure why not take the chance to set this record straight. Here is what really happened that day.
Oh my god did you hear she slept with him on the”G”?

I know I can’t believe it what a skank.

Oooh there’s Alison lets go tell her.

That conversation was a conversation that took place many times a day for a few weeks in high school. You see I was a cheerleader. There was a boy and he played football. We were both freshmen that year and we had a little crush going. That day after class and before practice I went to the back of the school and sat in the teachers parking lot with him while he smoked a cigarette. We kissed and laughed and talked and then I realized I was about fifteen minutes late to practice. I took off running in my barely there practice clothes and arrived in time to not get in too much trouble. I joked to a friend that I had been screwing the guy out back. The head cheerleader overheard and ran off to kiss the coaches ass and tell her. The coach told me to meet her after practice to talk. I did and she informed me she had told the principal and my mom was coming and they were going to tell her what I did. Now the normal person would say “Hey I didn’t do this it’s a rumor.” Not me. I figured that since I had already lost my virginity a few months later why not let my mom find out now since she actually like this guy. So I told her. It was horrible. The first thing she did was ask me, “Did you cum?” WHAT!!! This was worse then I thought. She screamed at me the rest of the way home and then walked in and said tell your dad what you did. So I told him I had sex. His response was worse then my moms. “You did not have sex. If you are going to start doing adult things then you should talk like an adult, you fucked someone, you didn’t have sex you fucked!” Wow this was worse then I thought. So I went to my room to think about what I did and stayed there until it was time to go to school the next day.

 My city does this ridiculous little thing where they put giant white letters for the area you are in on the nearest mountain. We were in Galena Forest so that would explain the giant “G” right above our school. The next morning when I walked into school people were instantly talking about how he and Shannon had fucked on the “G”. Did I mention the G was miles away from the school? People were convinced that the boy and I had walked all the way up there, fucked and made it back to practice in fifteen minutes. The track team even went around telling everyone that they had pictures of it. Didn’t you know the track team carried cameras to all of their practices? So the guy and I decided hey, people are going to think what they want so let them. We didn’t deny it but we didn’t say it happened either. We kind of just laughed and fucked with everyone’s mind. It was awesome. Years later I still hear stories about a girl who had sex on the “G”. That right folks I’m famous for something I never even did. A few months later he and I figured since everyone thought we had sex we might as well go ahead and do it. We messed around for a while but it was nothing serious, just two kids getting it on. So many rumors have swirled around about that day. Everyone had their own version. People claimed to have photos but they never seemed to surface. Some people even said I had gotten pregnant and some people said that there was even more then one guy.

So often I wonder why I didn’t just deny it from the start. Why I didn’t let my mom go on thinking I was a virgin. The honest truth is that it really never crossed my mind to tell the coach that it wasn’t true. I just owned up to something I had never done. I guess that describes me to a T. I was always being whoever someone else wanted me to be. It was so much easier for the school to think I was just that slut Shannon. It was easier to be hated by girls then have to let someone in and trust them. See that is the interesting part of who I was. No matter how many guys I screwed I never got close to more then two of them. I also only had two close girl friends. But even they didn’t know who I was. They just saw the School Shannon. The one who shook her ass when she walked. The one who wore tight jeans and short shirts and had her hair done and looked just right. I was a bitch. If I liked your boyfriend I took him. If I didn’t like your boyfriend but I didn’t like you either I still took him. Why was I like this? I was like this because of the way my home life was. Don’t get me wrong I had a great home life. I got anything I wanted and I had two parents who loved me more then most parents do. What I refer to is my moms obsession with beauty and weight. I’ll save that for another blog though because its long and it will just bring me down. The funny thing is that I don’t regret any of the things I did in high school, or should I say any of the people I did. I had fun. I learned things. I experienced life. I’m not one of those people who stayed in one relationship and then grew up and got married and spent the rest of my life wondering what the world is like. I look at all of my friends who are now spending their twenties trying to catch up and party and pretend like they are not doing things they looked down on me for doing in high school. I am amused at how it is somehow okay for them to behave like this just because they are older now and not in high school. On the other hand I am just as amused as I begin making friends with people and they confide in me that they were just the same as I was in school. People who spent their days in school screwing around and behaving just like me but doing it in secret. These people would keep all their secrets inside and turn around and come to school and call me a slut and disapprove of me. All they were really doing was disapproving of themselves. You see I had one friend who was like me. She never once called me names because she was like me and she understood that it was about fun not about being ashamed. So when these other girls would talk shit to me they should have just gone home and confronted their own feelings. They should have learned to accept who they were like I had. So, my advice for todays blog. Don’t rag on people for being like you. Instead go home and figure out if their behavior only upsets you because you are ashamed of your own similar behaviors. Sit down and figure out if maybe you need to change your ways. Maybe you need to start doing something different to make yourself happy. Sometimes change can be scary but its necessary. I know I said I had no regrets about high school but that isn’t true. I have one. I regret not branching out and becoming friends with who I really wanted to be friends with. Had I done that I never would have had to sleep around and be a bitch because those friends would have accepted me for who I was instead of accepting me for who I wanted to be. I’ve made friends with those people now so I can tell you. It is never to late to change. It may be scary but never to late. Go on make the change, be the person you really want to be.

I started to change the names in this story but I changed my mind. If there are any name mistakes its because I didn't fix all the errors.

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