head, shoulder, knees and NOSE

I remember the day my son found his fingers and the day he found his belly button. The day he found his pee pee was another memory. But last week he found his nose. He didn't point to it, or squish it or mash it, he stuck his finger in it. Awww man. Immediately after he figured out his finger went in his nose he also discovered it went in his mouth. He thinks that the best time to do that is directly after pulling it from his nose. My husband thinks this is great and laughs about it. I know its normal but still only 15 months and already so grown up. But Saturday he hit a whole new level of cute. He was playing with my husband and he got turned up side down and my husband saw that he had a huge booger in his nose. He loudly declared (like always) "Go show this booger to your mom ," (loosely translated, Shannon get the booger cuz I'm to scared to do it.) So I grab him and get into booger picking position and discover that there is no booger. NO there is a piece of toast shoved up there. GREAT even better. When did he do that? I swear one of us was with him the whole time he had the toast. So it goes I now spend my days periodically turning my son upside down to check his nose for random objects. Ahhhh these are the days of my life.


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