The Turkey

I totally forgot to take pictures of the whole day but I did manage to get a picture of me breaking the turkey neck so it would fit in the pan so I could make some gravy out of it. I got another picture of me trying to make stuffing and you can sort of see the turkey off to the side. Anyway everyone cleaned their plates and went back for seconds. I am pretty sure that is a great sign. Okay well enough rambling I'm going to go raid some left overs. Happy Turkey Day all.

Me and Grandpa

This is me and Grandpa Kirk. He came over to pick me up and mom thought it would be sooooo cute to dress me in a matching outfit. Grandpa thought it was pretty funny too. He loaded me up with some gum and then took me out and about for the day so mom could cook Thanksgiving dinner. I sure do love my Grandpa a lot.

And yes that is old school bubble tape that he is eating. Since the first time my dad gave it to him he is obsessed whether I like it or not.


This is Brandon calling grandma to say hi on Thanksgiving. He got very mad when I tried to take the phone from him so I just let him talk and talk and talk. Anyway I just wanted to show how cute my little dude is.

Time out chair

This is Brandon's time out chair that great grandma Arrate got for him. Only problem is he doesn't quite understand time out so he packs it around the house looking for things to climb up and see. This morning he brought this into the living room and climbed up on the couch to poke me and jump on me.

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