Being a good mom = obsessed soccer mom...HUH

I don't get it! ! ! I did this stupid little Myspace survery that people are supposed to respond to. So this girl who I only know from online responds to it and fills in all of the blanks. One of the questions asked, "Is there something you have alwasy wanted to tell me?" Here is her response.
i don't know how it is that you are so infatuated with your little, because sometimes I can't stand my kids or hubby. It's just not sane......lol.
So I pondered this for a moment. I replied something along the lines of my son is the worlds greatest and that I hope I'm the same when I have two. Here is her second response.
You are one of those fun mommies and I am one of those meanie ones.
My 3 yr old even says so, just about every time I tell him no. His new thing is to say, "okay fine meany"
It does not hurt my feelings any at all.
I think you are obsessed, but I don't think having any more will cure that. I think you will just get worse. You are gonna be one of those soccer moms who go on and on and on about your kid......it is too funny.

WAIT! I'm going to get worse? So being a good mom who loves her son and makes him her whole world is getting worse? I find this so odd. The second I had my son he became my everything. Right now he is running across the living room at full speed then throwing his legs out from under him and purposely falling. Then he is going into a fit of giggles. Any mom who has ever seen her little boy giggle knows that no matter how crazy they make you or how much you want time alone that giggle just makes your whole heart jump and fill with mush mom power. So as I watch my son do this I think to myself how much I could only dream of being a soccer mom. How I can't wait to have a second child just to be obsessed with both of them and begin blogging about having two little kids that melt my heart.

So what exactly is wrong with going on and on and on about my son? Am I bothering any one here? And if I am, if it bugs you quit reading. When did loving your son unconditionally change to be an obsessed mom? Here is this helpless little guy and all he has in the world is love. If he doesn't have that he doesn't thrive. Before having Brandon I had nothing that I loved this much. I had nothing that was constant in my life that I knew every day I could wake up and be loved.

I honestly don't understand how someone can even have a kid and not feel extreme love for them and want to document their every lives because someday they are going to grow up and lock themselves in their rooms and you won't get to take those pictures anymore. So what if I chase my son around like a crazy camera wielding monster. Maybe he will need glasses because I have mildly blinded him with the flash. SOOOOO. In 10 years when he can't remember these days he will look back at all of my pictures and his scrapbook and the letters I write him and he will know THAT HIS MOM LOVED HIM SO MUCH AND WAS A CRAZY WANT TO BE SOCCER MOM WHO THOUGHT THIS LITTLE BOY WAS THE WHOLE WORLD! ! !

To all the moms out there whose children mean everything to them this blog is for you. Go leave right now run and find your kid and smother them with love and silliness.

I'm not even sure this blog is coherent but I really can't wrap my head around the concept of not being obsessed about your child. Maybe when I get a better grasp on this whole thing I'll write a more profound coherent blog...Wait who am I kidding I don't write that shit. I just write to write to write. And today I'm writing about my son. AGAIN! So stuff it! ! !

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