Sick sick sick sick sick

After specifically telling a certain family member to please not read my blog and even setting it to private for a while I just found out that not only has he continued to read it today he has emailed a person that I wrote something about and told her what I said. It was my personal feelings and he told her. I don't know how to feel about this. Not only that but he emailed the link to my mother. I tried setting this blog to private but I noticed that a lot of people didn't like having to register or sign in to read my blog. I have so many friends who read this daily sometimes logging on a few times a day to see what I have to say. I am at such a crossroads here. Do I completly delete this blog that means so much to me or what. I took it out of private thinking this person understood that this was personal and for him to now start telling people the things I said makes me sick to my stomach. I feel like vomiting right now. The worst part is that the person he told hasn't even read the email yet so now I just have to sit here and wait for her to read it and call me screaming. I am so so so devastated about this whole matter. Please weigh in and advise me.

A look into just how odd I am

* I would much rather talk on yahoo messenger or email then talk on the phone. I don't know why I just don't like it. I feel very uncomfortable and weird when people call me so 90% of the time I just won't answer your call and later at work I will email to see what you wanted. There is only one person I truly enjoy talking on the phone with and that is my cousin Lisa. We can talk on the phone for hours and hours and not actually say anything. So if your not her don't call me.

* I can not stand voice mail. I don't like checking them I don't like seeing them on my phone and I don't see the point of them. 99.999999% of the time I will not check my voice mail for at least 12 days after you have left me the message. This also applies to home answering machines I hate having messages there also. The other day I had 9 messages and the first one was over a month old. I really don't understand the point of leaving someone a message that says "Hi its me call me". Because that is what they all say. Guess what people I have caller ID on my home and cell phone. I know you called I don't need a friendly reminder from you.

*I don't eat meat, I am very against hunting, I don't believe in cruelty to animals but you couldn't pry my leather Coach purse from my hands if you tried. I don't know why I find it acceptable to carry my fancy purses but I do so don't bug me about it.

*I don't believe in hitting, spanking, smacking, slapping or any sort of hurting children. This includes a smack on the hand. I don't think its fine. I don't think it teaches them better. I don't understand why anyone would purposely hurt someone they love. I don't understand why most men who won't hit their wives will hit their kids. WHY!!!! If you hit your kids and I see you or I know you do it I'm probably going to judge you. Sorry. It's the truth. I will think you are horrible and I will feel sorry for your kids. I probably won't say anything to you but now you know.

*I'm not so good with the whole coming to your house and hanging out thing. I feel safe in my house. Its my little bubble. I love having people come over but chances are I will probably never visit your house. I don't know why I just suck at it. I really don't feel comfortable in other peoples house. I feel strange bringing my son over to peoples houses since I know he will destroy their things. Basically if you want to see me just come on over. Please don't ask me over unless it is for a big event (i.e. birthdays, bbq's and holidays) because I hate coming up with excuses for why I can't come sit on your couch and twitch uncomfortably.

*I can't stand hugging. No let me clarify I don't like being touched. DON'T TOUCH ME. I hate being hugged by anyone but my husband or my son. In my whole life I have had 3 people I have felt okay with hugging me. One is this guy Roy Carson in high school. He gave great hugs and I would go to him when I felt like I needed one. The second person is my husband. It took me a while to warm up to the idea but now I love his hugs and I actually prefer them to kisses. The third person is my son. He can hug me all day and make my whole heart stop. So please if you are hanging out with me please don't hug me good bye. Don't hug me hello, don't hug me unless I make the move to hug you first. I know I seem mean but hugging me makes me want to vomit. I don't like people touching me at all. I don't mind a good poke in the arm from Ginger here and there but that is my limit. If you do hug me or touch me you should know that for the next 20 minutes I'm only going to be concentrates on the part of my body you just touched. Also if you do hug me I will take that as an open invitation to puke on you so you can then be just as uncomfortable as me.

So there now you have stepped into my twisted mean little mind and you now know a little bit about me. Sorry if I see like a complete ass. I don't mean to be its just how I am. So take it or leave it.

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