Working mom = %#$@

Man. Let me tell you. I am a full time working mom. I have the so called luxury of bringing my son to work. Although I'm sure most of you would think this is great. It was. Until he could walk. Then after he could walk it was horrible. He refiles all of my papers, shreds things with out using a shredder, clear my desk in 2 seconds flat and so on. That isn't even what drives me nuts about work. What bugs me the most are the little things.
Good morning Weakland's Heating & Air Shannon Speaking.
Hi (insert assenine name here) Shelia, shelly, jenna, janna, sharon, and so on.
Other example.
Shannon come here. So I run into the other office. "Can you get this phone number for me?" I could have sworn that the person asking me this was sitting right in front of their very own computer with all necessary numbers in it.
Next example
I have a girl in my office whose job is to file all the invoices I give her which I post at least ever two days. She also makes out the bank deposit and staples together purchases so I can post them and give them to her to file with the invoices. Daily she complains. She gets mad if I post invoices every day because then her box is never empty. So I begin posting every 3 days and she flips out that now I'm causing her to get backed up and can I please post daily. I go back to posting daily and yesterday she had the nerve to yell at me because I didn't post until noon since I was doing other things. So I end up having to take the invoices out of her box and putting them in a pile on my desk so that she can as she says "look at an empty box on her desk for a day and feel relaxed"! ! ! ! ! ! ! EXCUSE ME. It makes me nuts. I can't win people. Then as if this isn't bad enough she says that I need to put chocolate on top of the invoices to make her less annoyed when I do give them to her.
Yet another example of why I hate stupid ass employees
I love when people are part time. They choose their schedule. They decide they only want to work two days a week and be lazy. But then they whine and complain and cry that they are broke. WELL there are 5 days of work here for you but you choose to do three. This isn't my problem people. Shut up! Gosh if you don't want to work DON'T but don't come to work and complain about not working.
Sorry just needed to do a little venting there. I can't type much I'm at work and today is that girls day off so I need to rush to do as much as I can and make sure all of her boxes are full for Monday so she doesn't yell that I set her back. Although I'm sure that she will yell that I put to much in her boxes. So maybe I should just color pictures and pretend to work.

Exactly how many "my baby is so big now, woe is me" posts can one mom post?

This will be my 307th post about how big my little boy is now. I was sitting at work doing something on the computer when this pops up in the background on my screen.

Mannnnnnnn. Now I have to get all sad and think of how little my baby IS NOT and this makes me open up my iPhoto and I come up with all of these. Geeeeeze
First Bath

First day home

Second day home

Looking cute

Deep thought about being on his belly

Again being cute

Theme song