Okay so what do I do in this situation. My husbands friend who is married to my friend was out being really dumb and saying inappropriate things to women. My husband has forbidden me to tell my friend but I think she deserves to know because they are already having some problems. What do I do? Do I piss of my husband and stick up for my friend or do I screw my friend and let her stay somewhere bad?

And that is a WHAT exactly? ?

Isn't it funny how kids manage to find every single piece of forgotten discarded petrified food ever lost. Today Brandon found what I think is either a french fry or a piece of string cheese. I say THINK because I'm not quite sure. All I know is he found it hiding under his slide and after squishing it a few times he went to put it in his mouth. I took it away so he did the most logical thing he could. He went running around the office in search of something else gross to eat. He succeeded. He found what at first i thought was an old tomato. NOPE in fact it was a brown carrot. The carrot was brown because yesterday Brandon was rolling it around on the floor and then licking it (I was not present for this I only heard about it, I would have crapped myself at the utter grossness of it.) I made him give up the carrot and he stomped away in anger and went and threw all of his toy buckets of their toy shelf in protest. SIGH!

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