Brandon: A day in the life of a toddler at work with mom.

First I bring some papers to grandma

Then as a reward for doing so good she lets me play with her sticky notes

Then I take off all my clothes and play on my slide

Then since having my clothes of feels so good I take off my diaper and try and run around naked

Then as a joke I bring you a diaper but run when you try and put it on

Then I play with some toys naked

Then I get in trouble for peeing on the floor so they make me wear a diaper again...But they give me Popsicles or gogurt so I don't feel sad

Then I try and hide so they don't catch me trying to see what a black stamp pad taste like

Then I play hide and seek in a box that grandpa made for me

Then I finally pass out playing so mom has to put me in bed

Then I wake up and see how cute I am so I try and take a picture for mom to blog about

Then I make some important phone calls and remind everyone that I'm boss

Then grandma gives me a bowl of cream cheese just to make mom mad and it totally works

And then finally mom takes me home and we start everything all over. Its no wonder mom doesn't get a thing done all day at work

I hate being a pushover

I don't understand myself. Why am I such a pushover. Today a family member really really pissed me off and instead of just telling her to stop what she was doing I said it was fine. Here is the story. I have this family member who somehow always seems to do the exact same thing as me, usually after me and then somehow the rest of the family asks why it is I copy her so much. It drives me insane. So with Christmas around the corner and most of the family deciding they were going to bake I went through great pains to keep quite what I was making this year so no one could copy me. This person told me in advance what they were making so I was 100% sure what I made wouldn't be even sort of the same. Suddenly today she informs me she is making the exact same thing as me. I found the idea on a favorite website of mine and I guess it is my own damn fault that I said I found my idea from that place. She was all "O I never would have thought to look there for recipes" and I knew I was screwed. I just kept hoping maybe she wouldn't pick what I did but as always she did. Now I'm going to hear that I copied her and then I'll hear that she probably did it better. So why didn't I just say don't make that? She has told me plenty of times what not to do. But still I'm so nice I just said fine whatever I'll deal with it. I am furious. I am so tired of being one upped or copied. Its every little thing. Hair styles, house decorating and so on. It gets so old. I know people say that its the sincerest form of flattery but I'm just over it.

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