Little boys can be soooo cute....who taught them that

My son has learned a new trick. When he is bad he will run up and give you a kiss. However by far the cutest new trick my son has picked up is when he gives me a hug he pats my back. It is the sweetest most endearing thing I've ever seen or felt. The worstest (yeah yeah not a word) part is when he gets in trouble and I can't even get mad cuz he runs over and hugs me and pats my back. That little shit. Darnit I love him way to much.

Ode to breastfeeding

Okay so first of all I'm not even really quite sure what an ODE is but it sounded cool in the title. I miss breast feeding sooooo much. Here are some of the things that have happened since I quit.

Son developed first cold which wasn't just a cold but turned into a disgusting snotty sinus infection causing him to turn into a cranky, whining, snot filled boy who refused to eat but had tons of poop to shoot at me even though I don't know how he was making it since he-wouldn't-eat-a-thing.

Boobs what boobs. I now have two smallish (well small D's) pancake thingies where my jumbo wumbo's used to be

Period moved from super bad to mega-ultra-screaming-bring-me-the-vicodin-or-I-will-kill-someone-BAD

Son started trying to find random things to suck on to console himself even though he had never sucked on anything since the day he was born (aside from my boob)

Son quit sleeping and when he did sleep decided 3/4's of his body had to be touching mine.

I MISS BREASTFEEDING. With the next on I'm just never ever ever gong to stop!!!!!!!

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