About my twin (my much skinnier much more fashionable twin)

So! Jen and I just started talking again about 8 months ago. We knew each other in high school but we never knew each other well because we were all to caught up in the gossip of life to actually KNOW people! So now as we get to know each other we have found the oddest similarities. Here they are:

  • Our bedrooms were (until last week when she redid hers) the same color scheme, a kinda tealish blueish color, and browns.
  • We drive the same EXACT care, same year and features and everything
  • We are both almost the same far along in our pregnancies
  • We are both having boys
  • Both our kids will probably have names that start with "C"
  • We both type on little white Mac Books
  • We both prefer to shop at the organic stores and cook fresh meals
  • We are registered for the same stroller
  • We both have bent pinkies
  • Our moms so far seem like the same person just split in two
  • We were both ultra spoiled
  • We both still are
  • We both married non confrontational guys
  • We both have cats
  • We both had out door weddings
  • We both have a thing with bags!!!!
This is all that comes to mind right now..but it saddens me that I've found someone who is so much like me and now she is gone in another state!

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Jeninacide said...

LOL!! This totally made me laugh! I just got done writing a post about how you have the exact same car as me!

Seriously- we are like twins.. such silly coincidences ALL! THE! TIME!

You need to move to Portland... Bring the family- they will like it!

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