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My mother just came in and read my last post and asked why on earth I haven't posted about the time she called the cops on my cousin and I yet. Soooo fine here!

I present to you THE SEVEN HOUR DAY!

One morning Lisa and I get this brilliant idea that we are going to ride our bikes over to Gingers neighborhood. This is because Gingers neighborhood had ALL THE GUYS. So we go over an somehow wander over to Scotts house to hang out with him and Tom. Debbie and Ginger are there with us. To be brief I'll just tell you a few tidbits from this day. First, I hadn't yet kissed a boy. This meant everyone in the room proceeded to try and teach me. So first we had Debbie, trying to show me on her hand. This leads to all of us girls now semi practicing making out with our hands in little fists.

After this we do other stupid things like try and get the guys to kiss us, or try and get them to write on our stomachs (because then OMG they like totally touched me.) and on and on and on. We also stole their hat because it had their sweat in it. Took the barrettes they had to wear at dinner (this was during the long hair grunge phase).

Anyway about five hours had passed when my pager started going off. WELL we weren't exactly supposed to be hanging out with these boys so we brought our bikes in and hid them. Now sensing we were in huge ass trouble we stayed locked in their room and banned Debbie and Ginger from leaving as my mom would surely get it out of them where we were.

The next thing we know my mom is driving down the street. So now like a bunch of retards we start over exageratedly ducking down behind the windows like OMG she is going to see us! After about 7 hours we decide we better go home. As we are riding home the Washoe County Sherrifs pull up next to us. Seems my mom had called the cops on us at this point (fyi I wasn't older then 13). They followed behind us as we peddled up to my house in shame. The next thing we knew they had our backs against the wall and they just screamed and screamed and screamed at us.

Yeah we were in trouble. After that we got grounded. This is where the fun began. We were forbidden to speak so we would send letters. They would be depressing letters containging giant drawings of the #7 (for 7 hour day) or the words to Far Behind (or song for Tom and Scott), or other depressing woe is us shit. Thus started the daily letter writing segment in school. We would write letter after letter while we were in school. Mine would be like OMG Stephanie Delano is soo being a bitch today about Jeff Williamson (hahahaha Steph), and Lisa's would be like DUDE Shane totally looked at me today and....

I had my own teen line in my room so when Lisa would call me if my mom was there I would say, no thanks I don't need my carpets cleaned and hang up. Thank gosh my mom didn't know about *69 yet.

Also, I still have all of these letters, in date order in a binder! There was this girl that we hated named Britney because she dated Scott her code name was Britanica. So Lisa used to find stuff about encyclopedia Britanica and send it to me with the words SUCKS written all over it. I still have these too. I can't remember why but I have a nickel that Lisa sent me glued to a piece of paper also.

We also had code names for everyone else, and on the rare occasion we spoke their real name it had to be done with special accents so Tom was always referred to as Thomas Dale, Thomas Dale Henry, and you would have to know us to know the way we had to say that EVERY SINGLE TIME WE TALKED ABOUT HIM!

So you seee....really we are total morons! Our kids don't stand a chance!


Lainey-Paney said...

good lord child.
your mom is secretly sitting back, hoping that Brandon & Codi are at LEAST as much of a handful as you were.
and when they are...she's going to laugh & laugh!


Misguided Mommy said...


Ginger said...

UMMMMM, NO. You so have the details of that day incorrect. The '7 hour day' was all you and Lisa...maybe Debbie too but I only saw you guys once (after your mom called my house looking for you) and was like 'what the hell are you doing in my neighborhood? You've been here ALL DAY?". That is until your mom called my house and had me GO LOOKING FOR YOUR STUPID ASSES because instead of being smart and telling me that you were hanging out with Tom and Scott, so I could in turn lie to your mom and say you were 'just in the bathroom and you would call her right back' I got surprised when your mom called and said that you had said you guys had been there all day...so then I had to run up the street and warn your stupid asses that she was sending the cops out looking for you!

Ha, do you remember blasting Candelbox out my bedroom window? Ha, the whole neighborhood echoed of Far Behind.

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