Beans are out

So Brandon and I are sitting here eating some lunch. He is of course eating roni and cheese with bud der! I was eating this tastey little Green Giant steamer meal. It came with sugar snap peas, edamame, carrots and black beans all in a light butter sauce. Anyway we are eating and I offer him some carrot. He says "No orange, roni cheese." Okay so I eat a little longer and I offer him a green (edamame) and I get no again. Then he looks right at my plate sticks his finger up to my black beans and declares loudly POO POO? I nearly died because I realized that to him those must really look like poo poo. Sooo I'm guessing it is safe to say we won't be eating beans any time soon!


Christy said...

Too funny. Brandon sounds like such a little character!

Anonymous said...

LMAO! How will I eat beans without thinking of this Brandon story!

Em said...

thats hillarious!

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