Brown so doesn't blend with cream

So back to the potty training bit. We've got the whole pee pee in the potty thing down great! Now, NOW if only I could get my son to stop pooping in his undies then pulling his shorts off and flinging tiny balls of poop ALL OVER MY DAMN HOUSE!!!!!!! He totally gets that the poopoo goes in the toilet, and he tries to carry it in there after he does it and most mornings he will actually go sit in there for a good ten minutes and take a dump. However it is the six o'clock at night poop we are having the problem with. This is when he's far to busy playing to stop and poop so he just poops while playing. This also means that if he does try and make it to the bathroom mid poop the entire bathroom will then be smeared with poop. You can see which side of the toilet seat he climbed up on, which side of the bath he leaned on, where on the bathroom rug he sat down and so on. Yeah I do a lot of washing now!

ALSO! When he has to pee now he simply pulls down his pants and runs to the bathroom. SOOOOOO that means when I'm at Old Navy shopping with him and he does this in front of three very snobby women and then takes off running across Old Navy with his dangle flopping about everywhere I get a few dirty looks. But what it really means, is the third time he does this in the same Old Navy trips I get more then a few dirty looks and also cause one little boy to ask his mommy why that little boy gets to be naked and he doesn't! Lovely!

Finally. How do I get him to stop exclaiming Mommy Poopoo every time I go potty. It isn't so bad unless we are at the store and he announces in a public restroom, mommy poopoo followed by me flushing and him saying bye bye poopoo bye bye...mommy did it, mommy poopoo toilet. Yeah any assvice you can give me on how to make him stop doing that would be great. Duct tape perhaps?


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!I love that the Old Navy story!! I can't believe he outs you in public!!

People at work must wonder why my "work" is more entertaining than theirs b/c I randomnly laugh out loud!

My name is Rima. said...

No matter how many potty training tales I hear, I laugh every time. Because they're just so gosh-darned funny (except when you're cleaning it up, of course). I'm sure the stage he's in will pass, but in all honesty, I always think it's absolutely hilarious when I see a little kid running to the potty with his wee-wee hangin' out, shouting mama! pee-pee! poo-poo! or whatever else, so don't sweat it too much ;)

My name is Rima. said...

BTW, congrats on being featured on the Dose!

Ginger said...

First of all what is the Dose? I am such an ignorant blogger.

Now for my real comment...One time I was in the bathroom at the mall, jsut hanging out going pee and hear a little boy do the exact same thing that Brandon does..."bye bye poopoo, bye bye poopoo...NOOOOOO MOOOOMMMMMYYYY we have to wait until the poopoo goes byebye..." You could hear her whispering to her son "no, we can only do that at home, come on people are waiting for us." And all she got in response was "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO I want to say bye bye to the poopoo." I happened to exit the stall at the same time as this woman and her son did and she was SOOOOO embarassed, all the while i thought it was the most hilarious thing I had ever heard.

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