Do you remember those nights where you went out and got totally wasted and then laughed at yourself the whole time thinking about how totally awesome you are! Well last night was just like that only I was dead sober so I got to realize exactly how "AWESOME" my friends are!!!
The night started out so well and so cute! (Bernard wanted me to tell you all that the head band really made the whole outfit come together...he made sure to tell me this 43 different times in the night)

We look soooo cute!

Corny pregnant pic

Bernard says it isn't easy looking hard when your wearing a pink shirt

Can you tell which people in the house were drunk before we even left? If only I had zoomed in on how many times Lisa dumped Pink drink on her shirt!

Trying to look normal

The start of the night...Looking too cool for school

Known em since 5th grade..We are still dorky

At this point Rob is hot and takes off his shirt...Also the red is starting to come in to play....FYI when Robs face gets red he is getting drunk!

The guys looking dorky!

Notice Ginger is beginging to get redder.

Dear Mandy! In case you are wondering how to tell when Lisa is mad...Give her at least five drinks, look at her wrong, have her husband mention something about gray hair and then HELLO welcome to MEAN NASTY LISA!!! She came out for about an hour last night giving us all nasty dirty looks and shooting us down with her death rays. Then we devised a super duper plan, we would pump her full of more liquor and all was well!

Could some one please give my husband some visene...He is clearly ultra drunk now!

So drunk in fact, that as we were taking this picture he was swearing up and down that THIS WAS GOING TO BE THE CUTEST PICTURE EVER! Again people notice the red eyes! (around this time in the night Bernard started jumping up during random bad (bad says Bernard) songs, and putting his hand on my belly asking if Codi was moving. When I replied no Bernard would say good, your kid better not like this kind of music) So fucking random! This was also about the time Rob dragged me onto the dance floor (yeah lets see white girl, who is sober with a giant belly, can you guess how HOT my rhythm was, no really just guess how rockin I was, my favorite part was when I kept bumping into Rob and random people with my belly) anyway he gets all sentimental and grabs my belly on the dance floor and declares "I just love your pregnant belly babe, I really do, It's so sexy, I love you and your belly so much." (Sign number three you know when my husband is drunk, he starts overly declaring his love for me, and also trying to publicly make out with me!)

The guy on the left didn't want to smile

Then I kindly explained to him that the pregnant lady with the camera doesn't take no for an answer!

I guess they are trying to say 313 which is someones area code or something....They practiced this for about 4 minutes before picture time! Also the guy in the middle, Tim, he totally does not know the rules to hanging out with Shannon AND WOULD NOT STOP FUCKING TOUCHING ME! Seriously he rubbed my shoulders and tried to hug me at least 4 damn times and was nearly crying about how thankful he was for the damn baseball tickets from the week before. He obviously doesn't know that you don't touch Shannon if you want to live!

The very first ever picture taken of me and Bernard..He thought this was a HUGE deal! It left him declaring for the rest of the night that this was the best picture taken in the history of man and that the whole world was going to be like DUDE ITS BERNARD AND SHANNON!!!! (background, until about a year ago Bernard and I were mortal enemies and usually just said mean horrible things to each other while kicking and punching each other, hence this photo being historic or something)

So Lisa's husband hates this guy I used to date because he was a piece of shit scumbag. Anyway This guy used to always give thumbs up and it would piss Bernard off soooooo bad. At this point in the night Rob and Lisa were super trashed and thought making thumbs up was THE FUNNIEST THING IN THE WHOLE WORLD!

Still funny I guess (at this point Bernard was soooo mad at them he said maybe they should just go live together and have babies with stupid thumbs)!

Bordering on hilarious in their minds (at this point I was actually laughing so hard my belly was shaking and Bernard would freak out thinking I was hurting the baby and tell me that I had to stop laughing before I jiggled the baby out!)

Really pushing their luck!

Bernard was sooo pissed he tried to punch Rob about 4 different times (nooooo they weren't drunk at all hmmm)

One more for the road!


Christy said...

Looks like you had an awesome night. And the black outfit looked fabulous.

Anonymous said...

Ya by the time I had scrolled to the bottom of all the pictures I was busting up laughing!!! It sure is a blast being so awesome!!!!!!!

Type (little) a said...

Happy Birthday!

August 26th is THE awesomest birthday ever.

I'd know, cuz it's mine, too.

Cristina Mathers said...

just so you know, you win wife of the week for even going in the first place. i could never be around people drinking and be the sober one, and have a good time. i'd rather watch a britney spears documentary or pay bills. although it is funny to see drunkards in action. i know because i have seen video of myself.

happy bday to your hubby. did you make him any lumpia?

Anonymous said...

Looks like a GREAT night! You looked so nice in the black outfit. You guys are an adorable couple.

Rachel said...

Looks like a lot of fun. You look great> Love seeing that belly!!

Anonymous said...

You know I was thinking more about you and Bernard not getting along and I think the problem was that the two of you would get a mild case of the MEAN NASTY BERNARD and MEAN NASTY SHANNON, mainly Bernard I will have to admit. I mean looking back, we were a lot younger, in college, without kids, and would party a lot more. So we would see those side of eachother more often than we do now.

See lets look back....(I know you would remember more of the details to this than me but oh well).....so its Bernard's birthday and for some reason Bernard thinks the two of you must wrestle in our front yard. Well his beer happens to fall out of his hand thus exploding everywhere, you take off and what is Bernard's great idea for payback? He must dive at Shannon's feet and tackle her on the front lawn. Maybe that is when the beer came crashing to the floor. Noooo way that alcohol was to blame for that one huh?

But then we look at the two of you sober. I think this was Shannon's graduation party. Me, you and Bernard get bored and leave the party and head to your house. We end up taking out a tub of icecream and some chips, and you and Bernard think it makes total sense to have mint chocolate chip icecream on tortilla chips. But that wasn't the end of tasting weird stuff. Then you guys decided it would be totally fun to taste all of your hand lotion because it smelt soooo good. And this continued for years whenever either one of you found something that smelt like it would taste really good. See no alcohol and the two of you dorks would totally get along and act retarded no less.

I think it was a love hate relationship, like he thought you were his little sister he could pick on or something. And the whole paging Misses Waddleduck over the intercom of the casino, no alcohol was to blame on that one. But it was pretty funny and Elias's idea, so he is more to blame.


Jeninacide said...

AHh! OMG SO FUN! None of my friends behave themselves drunk so I can't hang out with them sober... They have a few drinks and want to grab my boobs and my belly and I want to PUNCH THEM IN THE DAMN FACE!!

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