Kylen part Deux

At this point it was my sophmore year. I could drive and Kylen and I were still playing our little game. Actually when I turned 16 I woke up to find Kylen sitting out front at 6am with my mom. I asked what on earth he was doing there and he turned around and kissed me and said that he wanted to tell me happy birthday before anyone else did. I went out there with all my friends for Halloween a few nights later and he grabbed me and ran away with me down the street. He just wanted to be with me in the dark for a while. We then went inside and just laid there and cuddled and truth be told we forgot my friends were even there. Close to this time our friend Paul died. Kylen kind of freaked out a little (read majorly super duper a lot way bad holy shit did he freak out). He started dating Roys older sister Momi. I said cool I'll go away. I had my own boyfriends on the side this whole time anyway. One of my favorite stories about that was the time Kylen was over at my house in my bed with this shirt off watching TV with me. My mom had just left and she wouldn't quit calling the house. I didn't feel like answering so I kept ignoring it. Finally the third time she called I answered and she screamed, SHANNON YOUR BOYFRIEND IS A FUCKING BLOCK AWAY YOU NEED TO GET KYLEN OUT NOW!!!!!! Ding dong. Oops!

I walk to the door and my boyfriend goes storming into the house to find Kylen still laying there not giving a fuck on my bed. He was mad. He took off and I was like okay see ya. Stayed at home and hung with Kylen. Later that day I found my boyfriend, batted my eyes and the dumbshit was stupid enough to believe nothing happened and I was being a totally great girlfriend.

December came and my company Christmas party came. Kylen wanted to go with me. I walked out of school the day before to find Momi parked behind my truck. She informed me that her boyfriend had permission to go, but only because he promised me before they were dating, and that nothing better happen. Oh okay, she was about as retarded and blind as my own boyfriend.

We went to my party, got trashed and fucked all night. Good job keeping an eye on your boyfriend Momi!

This shit with Kylen and I kept going on for the next three years. He went to all my company parties, he was always at my house, my work, you name it he was there. His girlfriend knew but she loved him so much she didn't want to lose him so she kind of ignored most of it.

Junior year I had started dating this guy Justin. Although I thought I loved Justin I knew that it wasn't right. So, I slept with Kylen. We tried to get caught and did. Justin was stupid and forgave me. I kept right on sleeping with Kylen. In fact one day Justin (after the first cheat) was coming to the lake to see me. He stopped off and picked up Kylen and they both came. I thought Justin must have had a mental defect at this point. They stayed there for a few hours, I played the good girlfriend and then they left. An hour later Kylen came back and we fucked in the lake for hours at a time the whole time waiting to get caught. Somehow we didn't.

Eventually Justin broke up with me, and while I was pretending to be devastated I was driving to Kylens and curling up with him in bed at night. I spent Thanksgiving at Kylens one year and damn if that wasn't crazy. This crazy bitch Morgan who was Pauls ex apparently decided she had some sort of stake over Kylen, she got all coked up with her friend Annie one night and parked outside his window watching us screw all night after Thanksgiving one year. When I left she actually followed me halfway home trying to ram me off the road.

The years kept up like this. Every single guy I dated I was never faithful to. Kylen was always there. In fact there should have been a disclaimer...if your dating me please know I'm going to be fucking Kylen too. One of my favorite memories was this time I ditched class to go get some and when I was trying to get dressed we couldn't find my underwear, it seems his dog had snuck in and stolen em and was chewing on em. I had to go back to school pantyless. I still have those undies, these little tie dye blue thongs. I used to ditch class all the time and just go be with Kylen. It was so fun. He taught me how to drive stick the second time around in his brothers bronco, then we had sex in it (sorry Kieth) in fact, we had sex in Momis bronco too (Not sorry Momi).

There were so many times he asked me what I wanted. He would ask me if he should break up with Momi and I always said no. There was no reason to change what we had. We loved it. It worked. When we needed comfort it was there and that was it. One night I remember him taking me to Gardnerville for dinner at a Basque place because I'm Basue. On the way home he took the long way and pulled over on the side of the road and said to me, I want you to remember this spot, this moment in time, this minute, I want you to know I love you. I said I knew and that was that. He has told me a few more times over the years he loved me, and I always reply, I love you too, but we are what we are.

There were times that Momi would call me and beg me to stop and I would say I would but I never could. When things with him and Momi would go bad he would come to me. In fact when ever things went bad with any of his girls he came to me. I know all of his secrets. I know what every girl has done to him after they broke up or he cheated. I know about the girls busting in his door and beating him up while he was sleeping or calling him horrible things, or busting in and sitting on his floor crying. Each time he would leave and come to me. There was one time after Eli, when Kylen and Momi had a big fight and he came to me. He knew I was broken at his time so he wasn't expecting sex or anything like that. Instead he came over, we went to the store, made dinner and spent the rest of the night spooning. He cried to me about missing Momi and eventually passed out. He spent about three days at my house before I convinced him to go work it out.

The strange thing about us, is at one point I flat out told him the sex was done. I didn't want to do it anymore. We weren't careful enough and honestly I never wanted to get into a situation where he had to be the father of my baby. Surprisingly enough he totally understood. We remained friends. He was still always there for me at the drop of a hat, he still always called and cared and we still had a great friendship. It's been nearly 7 years since we had sex and we are still friends. He still calls me at work once in a while to check in or calls my mom. In fact now we email and talk that way. It is strange to go from such a sexual screwing like bunnies relationship to just being friends.

I'm so glad though I had Kylen in my life. It is nice that I had that experience, that time where I was with someone who gave me what I needed and never wanted anything in return. I'm glad I can look back and say I was with the most irresistible guy. I can say he loved me. I can say we are still friends too.

Edited to add: Stephanie just wrote and said she couldn't believe that we had sex in Momis truck. For the record we had sex in hers, his, his brothers, all of mine and then some. We had sex at my high school my elementary school at Washoe lake, in washoe lake, In Reno, in Sparks, my house, his house and probably your house. We had sex most days no less then three times a day. Sometimes three times in a row, sometime times once in the early day on my lunch break, once after school and once at night. We had sex outside at night inside and everywhere else. It is safe to say, if your wondering if we did it there we did, if we did it then, we did...sorry, to be graphic but to avoid your questions, lets just assume that yes Kylen and I did that, there and then and boy was it fun!


Stephanie said...

Oh gosh how I can't stand Momi at all. That girl is freaking crazy. I don't know how the hell he was with her for so long. I loved when she would ask me if he was cheating on her...so fucking stupid she was (and still is!).

Jeninacide said...

Wow! You guys were BUSY! Ahhh-- to have the sex drive of a teenager again!

angie said...

Ok...you and Steph talk about this boy...you and Steph disagree on if this guy is hot or not...could you or Steph please put up a picture for the rest of us to see so we can all decide? And good lord you did hump like rabbits...in fact you might have put bunnies to shame haha

Ginger said...

For the record, I think Kylen is kind of funny looking.

Stephanie said...

HAHA! Ginger, you aren't the only one that thinks that!!!

Misguided Mommy said...

okay well stephanie considering you slept with him too you couldn't have thought he was that bad looking, i also remember you saying he was great in bed!

Morbid 'Lil Me said...

I want to VERIFY for everybody out there
Like HOT
Way doable, pokable, drool over. Yeah, Mommy's lucky!!

Misguided Mommy said...

for verification morbid got to see pics of him that i haven't posted yet so neener neener see i was right

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