I mention Kylen here and there but you guys have never really heard about us. I decided along with telling my true love story over there, that I would tell my super lusty sexy story too. Don't worry this one will be short and sweet but I wanna tell it for shits and giggles.

It was freshman year. I was a cheerleader and I was pretty cute and knew it. If I had the patience for scanners I would put up some photographic evidence. I had already discovered this whole dating guys my own age thing wasn't going to work. I also decided I wasn't just going to date anyone I wanted to date the hottest guys in school. There were a lot at my school but the prize, the golden power of veto, the number one Mr. Irresistible himself was Kylen Perks! Aside from his intense amazing smoldering burning hottness, there was something in this guys eyes. Something that screamed hold me, I'm a poor sad lost puppy. If I only knew how lost this guy was. 11 years later and Kylen is still lost.

Anyway I noticed him in passing and I knew I just knew he would be mine. Right around the time I decided he would be mine he went on a 30 day all expenses paid vacation to....ummm...somewhere and everything came to a hault. Not to be deterred I struck up a friendship with Kylens equally hot friend Roy. Roy agreed that Kylen and I were destine to be together. He and I spent a lot of time getting to know each other and he finally decided that as soon as Kylen got back from where he was from he was telling Kylen he had to hook up with me. I should tell you, at this point, I was never ever expecting a relationship with Kylen. I knew no matter what we would have something special and be in each others lives forever but never NEVER a relationship. One look at this guy, one look in his eyes and any smart girl can see Kylen is not that kind of guy.

Kylen returned right about the time school was ending. We played it coy and didn't talk. Then one day I got my year book went up to him and made him sign. He gave me his number and said something like he wanted to spend time with me. A few days later you can't even imagine the immature freak out I had when Kylen called me.

I was at work (our office was at our house at this time) and I had my own phone line. Suddenly it rings.

Shannon: Hello

Kylen: Is this Shannon

Shannon: Yup

Kylen: Umm this is Kylen, oh hang on I have another call

Shannon: Runs down hallway screams as loud as possible throws her self on the floor and screams HE CALLLLLLLLLLED

Kylen got back on the line and we talked for a while. We made some kind of date to meet. I couldn't drive at this point so every time we hung out Kylen was coming and getting me. We hung out A LOT!

We developed this little friendship. We actually both knew a lot about each other and spent a surprising amount of time talking, probably more time talking then sleeping together. I hung out with his family and his brother and I were great friends. His mom loved me and we would sit and talk about me being a vegetarian and so on. Their house always ALWAYS smelled like that Glade sent country garden.

A few times Kylen tried to talk to me about dating. He always asked what I wanted from us and I always said, nothing. Not because I wanted nothing, but because I was smart and knew it would never work. No matter what he thought he wanted it wouldn't work. He proved me right a few months later.

Senior picture...proof I was a hotty

After high school when I had put on some weight but was still a bad ass...this is around the time I met Rob

Another senior pic...more proof I was hot!


angie said...

I have both those senior pics and you for sure were a hottie!!!

Swistle said...

You SURE WERE a hottttie. But also, you still look EXACTLY like that. (Do you love me best of anyone else for saying so? But also, it's actually true: I could have picked out your picture from an entire yearbook, it's so clearly you.)

Misguided Mommy said...

OOOO Swistle you total win my heart for the day!

Lindz said...

Damn Shannon! You so wouldn't have been friends with the likes of me even though in my present day scenario we would be like meangirls.... You were beautiful then and still are a hotty - shoot, you're a milf! ha!

Christy said...

You look fabulous in your pictures - and so young.

Patty said...

Beautiful...then...and NOW!!!

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