Men I would cheat on my husband with!!!

  1. Ben and or Jerry- No explanation needed right ladies
  2. Emeril- Duh, this man would rock my world
  3. Dr. Rey-Lets see, have a couple babies then get boob lift, tummy tuck and thigh lift YES PLEASE
  4. Duncan Hines- I mean really, why not!
  5. The guy who owns the bagel shop down the street- Free bagels for life...Rob who?
  6. Any one of the Keebler elves- Little isn't so bad when they come with free cookies
  7. Steve Madden- Because I really need new sexy shoes
  8. Ronald McDonald- McFlurry for breakfast YES PLEASE
  9. Chester Cheeto- Sure why not let my sugar daddy support my sons Cheeto habit
  10. A fishin boat captain- So I could stop paying for my husbands sushi habit!


Sargini said...

Sargini, He can cook, massage (foot and back), listen to your bitchin and never let you forget your a deliqet flower...
Mwa ha ha ha

Britt said...

Always good to explore your options just in case Rob can't satisfy you.

Maybe I should hook up with one of those elves, too.

Anonymous said...

I'm with for the bagels! yummmm

Swistle said...

That is so funny. (Remember on Scrubs when the character played by Mandy Moore would say "That is so funny!" but never laughed? I think of that every time I leave a comment saying "That is so funny." Maybe I should type "HA HA HA!" instead.)

Em said...

I was listening to radio yesterday and they had a simular chat going on but it was cartoons, i thought about and i think it would have to be simba when he turned in to teenage out of lion king!

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