PAID IN FULL!!!!!!!!!!!

In case any of you were wondering why that time Ginger tried to get rid of me and I wouldn't let her .... I have a good reason.

This is why Ginger has got it totally figured out! Last night I heard my doorbell. I went to the door and I see Ginger (actually I saw her work car and was prepared to start screaming at a solicitor) and this....
You see...Ginger knows whats up! Not only did she bring me an obscene amount of chocolate she also hung out long enough to let me unload my shit hole of a week on her. So after eating a bunch of chocolate and a bunch of whining when she left I actually found myself smiling while I sat at my table eating my cous cous.


And also, Katie, that is considered arguing which means you get a penalty of one pint of ice cream. Because I wasn't pointing out the stuff you guys did bring I was pointing out the stuff you didn't. Also I need to give you your check at some point!

Also, I hope everyone reading knows I'm not this big of a jerk and I don't really expect you all to bring me free chocolate and candy this was totally just my lame excuse at comedy. However Ginger earns extra points for totally following through and paying her balance in full.

Also, I now have a bellyache and sugar high at 6am!


Jeninacide said...

Ok so when is Ginger coming to MY HOUSE?!

Christy said...

You have wonderful friends! Once again, I am jealous.

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