Taking the Kool Cat down with me

When we were younger my cousin and I, aside from speaking our fabulous made up language had made up names. We preferred to tell guys we were about 4 years old then we were and also come up with different names. I was always Zoey and Lisa had a few names but finally settled on being called KC. To this day I still run into guys who call me Zoey and it is terribly embarrassing when they find out I lied and even more embarrassing for them that they believed me. Anyway one day we left a note for our grandma and signed our fictitious names. Well our grandmas husband couldn't read very well which means he translated Zoey and KC to Zoc and Kool Cat. From then on we had our new super cool names. We were so stupid that we would be like hey Kool Cat, yeah Zoc, and laugh about this shit in public like we were the funniest fuckers on the planet.

To continue showing off just how cool we are I'll go ahead and tell you, we used to take the phone from her house and carry it with us on the moped to where ever we were going so her brothers couldn't use it. On top of that we would pack cereal in a baggy, milk in another baggy and banana in another one. This means at any given time you would see us riding down the street with me on the back carrying cereal, milk, bananas, and a stolen skateboard with a phone cord dangling in the wind behind us. We would then get to our destination and plug in her uber cool phone covered in that neon glue they used to sell and call radio stations trying to win stuff. THEN we would call random people and exclaim...HI THIS IT DOTTY FROM FOX KIDS CLUB AND YOU'VE JUST WON A TRIP TO DISNEY LAND please go to 1398 Mill street to claim your prize today! Yes people actually got excited and yes they actually believed us.

Then as the night wore on it would turn to calling and ask people if their refrigerator was running...but dude, imagine our shock when one lady shouted back at us all happy and giddy YEAH ITS RUNNING DOWN THE STREET!

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help! my real name is showing on the other blog. can you help me on this one?

-rad ponytail

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