Big boy bed

We got Brandon a new twin bed this weekend along with some ultra cute bedding. We are still on a mission to find an actual bed with a head board and matching dresser before October 1st so that all of Codi's baby stuff can be moved out of Brandon's room and into his own room. Finding a nice solid wood dresser with out veneer on it is so very very hard. Anyway we spent all day on a mission for this damn bedding and I got it home, washed and put on the bed finally at 9pm when I noticed a fucking tear in the quilt. So now I have to exchange the shit tomorrow!
This stuff is ultra soft and smooth. Its that microfiber stuff. Soooo soo soft!

The whole top of it is that super soft stuff also and then cute little corduroy! I looove it, minus the fucking tear!

See the cute little bear paws!


Cristina Mathers said...

holy crap! does he actually stay in there? i mean i DREAD the day that ellie moves to a big girl bed. i seriously think that will be an awful day.

Em said...

OMG! He looks so cute in there! Such a big boy!

Christy said...

He looks so small in that big bed.

Anonymous said...

Love the Big Boy bed and the sheets. You have excellent taste girl!

Jeninacide said...

Oh gosh I think I want to take a nap in BRANDON's Bed!

Rachel said...

Big Boy! I love the pillow.

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