The clothes

As you can see this shirt looked like a damn tent on me..it went back

This shirt was huge and faded after the first wash but it's comfy, these jeans are giant

This is one of the things I got when I returned the other stuff, it is not maternity

This is what I wore to work today, these jeans are super giant at the end of the day

This shirt was kind of cute so I let it stay. I got pissed and ordered the jeans I really liked from the store that they didn't have in my size and they will be here tomorrow. I'll take pictures in them if they don't end up being too big!


Rachel said...

You look so cute. Also, I love the piuc of you and your boy kissing your belly. Now that's love

Emery Jo said...

Cute stuff! Old Navy is total crap when it comes to sizing. I've ordered stuff from them online and sent it all back too-- it's just one of those stores you have to go into and try every little thing on. Frustrating!

Jeninacide said...

The jeans really look cute! Oh and yes for shirts you can EASILY go non-maternity and find cute stuff that will fit even while preggo. I am wearing a non-maternity Old Navy tank as we speak!

Anonymous said...

It does not look like a tent!

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