Finalizing the registry

Okay people this is when I ask for help. I have pretty much finalized my registry, but with my sprinkle about two weeks away I figure I should get my ass in gear and get it set in stone. I am registered here at Babies R Us. My registry number is 49425110. Can you see anything I might be missing that would be necessary for having two children? I already have a great baby carrier that I love (two actually if I could find the second one) so I won't be needing one of those. I have an amazing swing, bassinet, and so on. However since I've never had two kids I don't know if there are other things that are a must. I had the bumbo on there but then I thought that I could simply buy that in a few months when the time was right and hopefully I will get a more useful item purchased from my registry rather then getting that. So let me know what I might be missing. Also I am on a mission for a functional thermometer. I have an amazing Vicks rectal thermometer and I swear by those but Brandon is getting older now and trying to take his temp rectally is A MAJOR PAIN IN MY ASS AND HIS! I've tried underarm but they all seem to take FOREVORE (said the way that kid from the Sandlot says it). So I am hoping to find a great ear thermometer or one of those ones you touch to their head. The ear one I have is a FREAKING JOKE and changes by 1-4 degrees each time I use it, even if I use it four fucking times in a row. I found this little doohickey but it only has one rating so far, so I can't exactly go off that. So please send me advice on thermometers! Lets keep in mind Brandon can only hold still for half a millisecond here so we need something quick and efficient!


Ginger said...

My grandma used to have this great little strip that changed colors depending on your temperature that you just stuck to your forhead for a few seconds. It was actually pretty acurate, although it give you like 'ranges of temps' and not the actual temp in some cases but was super easy, painless and even kind of fun. They were something like these http://www.rightstart.com/global/store/product.aspx?item=1137&mr:referralID=731366bc-8838-4e17-9e83-760ad5655da8.

Christy said...

We have a therometer that can be used in multiple ways (in the mouth, butt, or underarm). I typically use the underarm reading, and it works fairly quickly. I would give you the name brand, but its in Porgie's room - and she is sleeping. I'll email it to you tomorrow.

angie said...

They have ones that you can just stick to their head now??

We have a good ear thermometer at my dad's house from when my mom was really sick...I'll call my sis and get the name of it!

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