My day so far

Woke up to a coughing baby at 4am.

Kid threw up on kitchen floor.

Kid decided it wasn't enough throw up and threw up more.

Kid finally took a nap.

Kid woke up and threw up on floor.

Took him for a short drive for more medicine got home and he threw up neon yellow on my floor.

Threw up more neon yellow.

Found neon yellow puke on my carpet.

Stole my red koolaid and dumped it on couch accidentally.

Took off diaper with poop and left it on floor.

Saw me eating a sandwich came over and licked my mayo off.

Decided that looked good so he stole my lunch.

Doesn't like mayo on hands so he wipes it on my pants.



Anonymous said...

At least he's eating. I hope tomorrow is better for both of you!

Christy said...

Poor Brandon (and mommy). I hope things get better quickly.

Cristina Mathers said...

oh no. hope he's feeling much better by now and that you don't get it too!

J said...

Yikes! He has puked a lot! I hope he gets well soon!

Jeninacide said...


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