Tag I'm it

I was tagged for a meme by Cakerwakers. Each person who is tagged has to list 7 quirks or weird things about themselves!

  1. My absolute favorite thing to eat for breakfast is chips and salsa mixed with cream cheese, followed by a couple spoons of ice cream. This is not a pregnancy thing, this is a normal thing....pregnancy actually made me eat healthier.
  2. Although I hate egss, the smell of them, the taste of them, basically anything egg (especially dishes that smell like eggs) I can totally groove on some egg salad or a deviled egg and not even feel weird about it...but cooking eggs any other way makes me gag and puke! I can also eat eggs on fast food, for instance the egg crosanwich thingy from Burger King, the egg and cheese biscuit from McDonalds and seriously people if you didn't know Port of Subs served breakfast sandwiches....YOUR LIFE IS NOT COMPLETE.
  3. I sniff every dish before I use it. I also periodically sniff my dishwasher and washing machine and if I don't like what I smell I will, rewash the dish, or run an empty cycle of my washer and or dishwasher....yes I waste a lot of water.
  4. I am totally ooged out by my sons little pool out back. No way am I getting in there!
  5. I fuuureak out when dogs touch me. Just touch, not even lick me. I hate hate hate dog gems and if the lick me its as though I was touched by acid.
  6. I love when my fingers smell like garlic...reminds me I actually cooked something at least once this week.
  7. I would cook dinner every single night if I didn't make dishes. I don't do the dishes in my house, my husband does. However, making dishes stresses me out even if I'm not washing them. Thats why I love nights he has softball..I don't have to make dishes. This is also why I prefer paper cups, plates and so on!
  8. And a bonus eighth one...I love to play with my toenails after I clip them. I put them all in a pile and oooh and ahhh at how long they were or how strong they are. Then I bend and smoosh them all!
K so now I'm supposed to tag people so...Ginger (Ging this means you would actually have to like blog something to do this!), Christina Mathers, Billy's mum, Jessica Cheatwoods, and Jen!

And now that I'm starving I think I want to run off to port of subs for a sandwich!


Christy said...

The egg thing isn't so wierd. I am the same way with pickles. I love to eat pickles, but I don't like them in my actual food. I am also wierd about cheese. I LOVE cheese on a sandwich or pizza, but I hate cheese flavored things - like potato chips or crackers.

Cristina Mathers said...

i thought i was the only one that like chips and salsa with cream cheese. what about jalepeno jelly. mmmmm. after that and the egg post i am starving!

Cristina Mathers said...

ps: that rib cook-off was great last night. lol! i read my husband your message and he was busting up.

there is a girl at alberstons here that could be your sister. every time i go there, i think of you. you guys look so much alike.

Sara said...

I'm probably going to pretend like you tagged me for this, since it's fun. :)

The toenail thing PHREAKS me out!

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