A conversation between husband and wife via yahoo messanger

A little preface. Yesterday my hubs messaged me to let me know he was pooping for the second time. He told me all about it, consistency and so on. I told him he was grossing me out and to knock it off.

Me: I just threw up and had to swallow it, cuz I'm in car
Rob: That's just as nice as when I tell you I'm taking a shit, or need to shit. Actually no that's worse, cuz I'm not eating my shit.
Me: I know that is why I felt it was okay to tell you
Rob: That's just gross. No kisses for you
Me: Well obviously I'm sick
It was fun kissing you while it lasted though (he was sick all last week so I only got to kiss him one day this week)
Rob: Inserts barfy face emoticon
Me: Yup thats how I look
Rob: No, thats me now
Me: At least it wasn't chunky
Me: It was just a little coffee
Rob: Oh that makes it okay then
Me: Sure
Me: It had a nice minty coffee flavor

You see my friend, its conversations like these that are the key to a healthy marriage!


Lainey-Paney said...


i am now going to officially ban my husband from telling me about the consistency of his poo. he's never done that in the past, but i want to make sure it never happens.

Ginger said...

That was so funny when you were in the hospital (well, not that part) but the part when you an I were talking about leaving the bathroom door open when you went to the bathroom and Rob totally thought that you had told me he does that and he started defending himself and I had no idea what he was talking about until he gave himself away!

Cristina Mathers said...

wow! i thought m and i were the only ones.

Kat said...

Disturbing yet funny.

Anonymous said...

Must be love!

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