Day three

And day three goes to Lindsey. She will be posting Sunday the 18th. Now the part that I find the most amusing about Lindseys story is that we never find out who or why the guy was chasing her. It is always going to drive me nuts wondering why that guy was chasing her. I bet he was like hey lady you dropped your wallet or something. Here is Lindsey's story.

Ok, here's ONE of my most embarassing stories. It's much better in person with impersonations but oh-well.

I was at a frat party (this is where you go, FIGURES!) and this creepy dude was following me around in a not normal way and I LOST MY FRIENDS so I couldn't escape. In my inebriated state, I decided to RUN away. He followed me! SO I ran faster (only drunk running) and got my ass out of the house somehow. I turned on my turbo-boost running and next thing I know I can actually see my feet in front of me like I'm the road-runner or something. Sweet, right? Not so much. I cut through the St Mary's Catholic church parking lot near my house and trip over one of those parking divider curb things. In slow motion I skid face first to the ground and my head crashes into the parking divider curb thing paralell to the one I tripped on. There I lay (with Jesus laughing from above I'm sure). Don't know how long I was there bit my friends stumbled upon me later as they were walking home. I was this lump laying in the church parking lot. They figured out it was me and helped me up which is when I FREAKED OUT and ran home holding my head. I get home and anyone I encounter reacts with dropped jaw and OHMYGOD. I finally make it up to my room and see myself and FREAK OUT MORE b/c I have a tennis ball growing out of my temple. Holy crap! Everytime I look into a mirror I freak out. My friends call dial-a-nurse to figure out what to do with me and have to answer questions such as "is she bleeding out of the ears?" They decide to wait to take me to the ER b/c I have been drinking and am underage. When we get to the ER I am given meds for a concussion and they clean-up my scrapes. The next day was DADS WEEKEND! I woke up with a black eye and had to explain myself to my profs and my dad. I made sure to wear the hospital bracelet to school for sympathy and told them "I fell while jogging in the dark" and tried to get through class while on vicodin. Embarassing. My friends then seriously made me wear a helmet out for a while as punishment for having to take care of my stupid-ass. THE END

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Lindz said...

No no no, he began following me around at the frat party trying to get some. He was a freshman and I was a junior, he hadn't figured out how not to be a creeper of a drunk and so he literally chased me around thinking that that would get me all hot for him. Psh.

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