Finally done

So we've been working on Brandon's room for quite some time now. We ordered his furniture from Pottery Barn way back in September and it finally all arrived toward the end of October. Soooo I give you Brandon's new big boy room.
His new bed with the most uber soft bedding ever. Also his little night stand that he keeps a stash of Cheeto's in (Seriously). You can also see his little lamp that goes with his bedding and his dangly lights. They are used as his night light.

This is his little dream wall and his little shelves. That is the blanket I brought him home in.

That is his new super awesome dresser that holds more clothes then I have in my own closet. That is his Superman TV and his baseball pack pack.

This is his little bookshelf with his bear clock that has a fish that tick tocks below it, it matches his bedding. You can also see his bear paw coat hooks.

This is the rest of his room, showing his red chair, his toy box and his vacuum.

Those are the rest of his little coat hooks and his little bench that he likes to sit on to put his socks on.

Moving on to Codi's room

Finally got the changing table in his room since Brandon's dresser arrived

His crib all set up with his mobile and his little lamp.

His rocking chair and his little "C" for Codi.

His new little shelf.

That is his little antique truck that grandma found, his piggy bank and his book that grandma got at a book store at burning man.

Close up of his crib

His little changing table is all ready, with all the goop and wipes for his circumcision and belly button care.

His bassinet, which is where he will live while I shower or when we have company

He he isn't his little bassinet so cute!


Anonymous said...

WOW! Both rooms look amazing! Lucky Boys! I can't believe 4 days!!!!!!

Jeninacide said...

Oh my gosh! Awesome! Ok! You are totally ready now. TIME FOR HIM TO COME! I seriously can't believe it is like, TIME already- didn't we JUST find out we were pregnant... Omg weird.

It seems like only yesterday you were like "I'm having this symptom and THAT symptom.." and I was like "Hummm, meee too... that's odd.." and now LOOK AT US.

Anonymous said...

such cute rooms! I can't believe you're so close to having your little Codi! How fun!
You have finally motivated me to get working on my kids room its driving me bonkers!!!

Good luck!!!


Pregnantly Plump said...

Your rooms are so cute! We are planning on doing Little Elvis' room in a teddy bear theme when he outgrows the crib. Thanks for the soy peanut butter suggestion! I can't wait to find it and try it. We bought some sunflower seed butter, but it just wasn't the same.

Randi said...

Both boy's rooms look AWESOME! Can you come and decorate some rooms for me sometime!?!? Of course after you have this baby;)

Em said...

Your rooms look superb!

Paula said...

Love your blog. And yes the rooms look great!

Im sad to hear you are going to circumcise. Have you looked into it?

Good luck with labor! Very exciting! Congrats mama

Swistle said...

Ha--he's all MTV Cribs there. Yeah, this here's my ROOM, y'all.

Misguided Mommy said...

Paula your comment seriously pisses me right off

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