I am a guest blogging PIMP.

HO-LA! COMO E-STAS? This is Jen from Lost in Translation bloggin in for Shannon for the day! WHOOT! This means I don't have to post on my own blog today, right?! Eh...

Anywhoozle. Let's not talk about my blog. All I've been doing over there is complaining and trying to brainstorm ways to get my baby out. Any of yoooooou happen to have any new ideas?!? No? FINE. No really, it's FIIINE. I still have two weeks left anyways- but UGh. I swear to GOB he dropped like 4 weeks ago these fake-o contractions are getting to be a bit of a hinderance and.... Oops- forgot! Not going to talk about it... shutting up... right.... NOW! : )

So, what to write about???

**** 2 HOURS LATER ****

Ok, so I have been thinking thinking THINKING about a topic and it appears that my mind is completely and utterly focused on labor and delivery and NOTHING will steer me away from it... Not even gossip about Brit Brit.

SO: Since I know there are a lot of mommies who read this blog I am going to throw out the following topic for discussion:

I have been doing a lot of reading on labor symptoms and contractions and how can you tell what is which and how it feels and yadda yadda yadda. It seems there are certain things that are supposed to happen when you are going into labor, ie: Mucous plug, bloody show (ew!), rupturing of membranes, contractions, etc, etc. From what I understand, in a "textbook" labor situation is one where you first have a bloody show, then your mucous plug comes out, then your water breaks, and in there somewhere you start having contractions. The contractions increase in strength and duration and then eventually OUT pops your baby!

HOWEVER, the more message boards I read and personal experiences I hear, it seems like more often than not people have labor experiences that are "supposed" to be "the exception" to "the rule", ie: Women only having minimal discomfort and then giving birth after a short labor, women whose water did not break and mucous plug did not come out, women who did not know they were in labor because it felt like gas, menstrual cramps, etc...

So I want to know: were your labors "TYPICAL"?? What did your beginning contractions feel like?? Was it like gas? Or period cramps? Did you have diarrea first?? (NO THIS IS NOT TMI- NOT TODAY!)

Is everyone's experience TRULY UNIQUE? Or can similarities typically be drawn??

My doctor has told me that I will KNOW when I am in labor and that it will NOT feel like mentrual cramps- yet I have heard of women who are like, dilated and crowning who did not have painful contractions at all!

See, normally I would ask Shannon these questions since she is my go-to on all topics Mommy-related... however she has never been in labor so now I must pimp out her blog for my own personal gain. Bwuuahahahahahahaaaa!!

So yeah:




Christy said...

Although I ended up with a c-section, I did labor for 15 hours before the surgery.

I lost my mucous plug about a week before my due date, but nothing else happened for a while. Two days after my due date had passed, my water broke. However, I wasn't having any contractions. So, I ended up going to the hospital to be given Pitocin, which sucked ass.

I labored for 15 hours, until it was determined that I wasn't making any progress (I wasn't dilating). I ended up with a c-section and a beautiful baby girl.

Hope this helps!

Jeninacide said...

Thanks!! I think hearing other women's birth stories is really helping me to figure out what the heck is going on with my body right now. There seems to be a lot of signals being sent out and I'm not quite sure how to read them!! :)

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