I might get mean, but Shannon likes to get naked

By Lisa

So this whole guest blogging contest started with Shannon wanting to hear everyone’s drunken stories. Don’t let her fool you. She may be a mom now, and not drink anymore. But there was a time that Shannon loved to drink and would party with the best of them. So Shannon does have some drunken stories of her own.

As Shannon said when I drink, I sometimes tend to be a just a little tiny bit mean. Shannon on the other hand tries to take off all her clothes.

There is the story of her dancing on the table in a frat house taking her top off with her pants unbuttoned, swinging her bra over the top of her head. (My husband’s friends have this on video.) Or the story of her dancing on yet another table at a party and taking off her top. This party the host was not as impressed as the other party goers, so she was pulled of the table and told to put her clothes back on. Then there was the Halloween that we went out I was dressed as a nurse, and Shannon was dressed as the devil. Did I mention our costumes came from Hot Topic, were made out of latex, and did not cover us up very well? Well Shannon gets so drunk she can no longer walk. So what does she do? She lies down in the middle of the club one leg spred all the way to the right and the other spred all the way to the left, leaving her legs wide open for everyone to take a free peak. I then have to sit on top of her and hold her legs closed, while also trying to pick up her drunken body. Very fun!

So now we get to Shannon’s bachelorette party. When it comes to a bachelorette party, Shannon and I think two things are a must. 1) You must go to a sex store with all the girls after you have been drinking. 2) You also must go to a gay bar looking for a drag show.

So we start out the night at Shannon’s house. We played games, and of course consumed A-L-O-T of alcohol. We then make our first pit stop at Suzie’s Adult Bookstore. When you take like 6 girls that have been drinking and throw them into a sex store, let’s just say you can have a lot of fun. Well Shannon walked out of there spending close to $200. How you ask. Well she had to buy Rob a dvd. And you can’t buy something that is cheap because then it probably won’t be very good. So I think the dvd alone was $60. Then she bought a bullet, by suggestion of one of the partygoers, whose name I will not mention. That was probably another $15. Then Shannon also bought this remote controlled butterfly toy. Now this thing alone was around $100. But Shannon was drunk, it looked fun, so what the heck! So we have our toys and our off to start our night.

We head out to the gay bar. Our much anticipated drag show had not yet begun so we get some drinks then walk over to a local Irish bar. It’s a small place, filled with smoke and kinda stuffy, so a few of the girls step outside. Plus there was a group of boys out there, so why not go out side to flirt. I was still sitting at the bar drinking when I look outside to see Shannon has strapped her butterfly vibrator on over the top of her jeans and is playing with the remote control demonstrating how her new toy works waiving around her new porn.

A little while later we make our way back over to the gay bar. The drag show starts, and Shannon jumps up on stage right up with them proclaiming how good they all look. She is dancing around screaming into the microphone and just having a “gay old time”. Then Shannon disappears. After looking everywhere inside the bar, a lady tells me that my friend is lying on the floor outside. As I go outside I do in fact find Shannon passed out on the concrete, legs spred in true Shannon fashion. I call up Rob and tell him he needs to come get her NOW!!!! She is over her limit and needs to go home. Rob just couldn’t get there fast enough. Shannon starts unbuttoning her jeans trying to take her pants off. Katie jumped on top of her and sat there straddling Shannon while the rest of us girls held her hands until Rob got there. I think I called him like 5 times in 10 minutes wondering where the fuck he was. Finally when he got there, we threw her in the car, jeans still unbuttoned. I believe she ended up getting them off on the ride home!


Stephanie said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! I love hearing drunk Shannon stories. I wish there were pictures of her butterfly thing on outside her jeans!

Anonymous said...

Oh trust me so do I!!!!

Ginger said...

But even better, I have the continuation of this story AFTER her husband picked her up because my car was at her house so I hitched a ride with the very DRUNK shannon (who by the way was be hit on my a lesbian at the gay club...while she was lying face down, pants undone, in the parking lot). She kept undressing all the way home in the car so by the time we got to her house, she was naked...She was practially run around on her front lawn butt naked! Seriously, not a thread of clothing on! Until her husband was able to get her in the house and on the couch, were she proceeded to quickly pass the fuck out, spread eagle, butt naked on the couch. Pretty sure that wasn't one of Shannon's finest moments!

Kat said...

Way to go. That is what I call "to party" Shannon you naughty little monkey...Hehe... Lisa thx for sharing this lovely post. Hehe

Jeninacide said...


Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! That is freaking hysterical!!!

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