Is there such a thing as too smart

This is the second day in a row this scene has taken place at work

Brandon: mama
Brandon: Mama
Brandon: MAMA
Me: What honey
Brandon: I cooka eggs
Me: Walks out to find two eggs cracked on the floor and scrambled by hands with proud two year old standing there saying I COOKA EGGS I COOKA EGGS

Today however, he cracked his eggs, scrambled them, then put himself in time out and yelled MAMA I MAKEA MESS I COOKA EGGS!

How smart is he that he put himself into time out on his own?


Coffee Slut said...

omg ...too funny! oh, thanks to the graphic and hilarious post (you know, the vomit one) I had a dream about you and Brandon and there was lots of vomit involved. I must still have a little Chantix in my brain, cause that shit was strange!

Stephanie said...

That cracks me up! He is so cute.

Christy said...

He is hilarious, but so mischievous.

Murissa said...

Too funny! Aren't kids jut hilarious? He must really watch you when you cook and just figured that hey he could do it on his own. Tyler would never put himself on timeout though. I'm still cracking up!

Anonymous said...

He is too funny!

Well, except for the eggs on the floor bit.

Guess he's going to be a master chef like mom.

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