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First of all thank you so much for your comments on yesterdays post. I have to first say that I'm strong enough to be basically unaffected by all of this. What bothered me was simply that she would do it. Like I said, I just don't understand doing anything that might rile up a woman about to have a baby. Also yes there is free speech and I respect that. I even respect her right to post that on her blog. However I think she should have left her link out of the comment and simply left her name so I wouldn't be inclined to follow it.

A few things you should know. I had really severe endometriosis. I also had some pre-cancerous cells growing in my cervix for a few years. For a really long time I put off having a test done where they go in, numb you and then cut out a chunk of your cervix, simply because I had HEARD that it would hurt. When I finally talked to my doctor, he laughed and said no silly I give you a shot to numb you. So I went in, and he first placed a numbing solution in the spot he was going to give me the shot, then gave me the shot (which I didn't feel a second of) and then proceeded to take a hole puncher to my cervix. I felt nothing. While I was pregnant with my first son they brought in a live video of a circumcision. The first thing they did was numb the area with some cream, then gave the little baby a shot and then did the procedure. The baby was fine. He didn't cry at all and in fact he fell asleep during it. While I watched this I realized the procedure was very similar to what I had done, and from my own experience feeling NOTHING I wasn't worried. While I know there are some men out there who later in life get all weird and want there forskin back, I imagine there are a lot more who want to present a nice clean and tidy area for their girlfriends. One thing is for sure, I was not going to be the mom who sent her son off to high school with a funny looking penis only to get him laughed at by the girlies. My first son actually fell asleep during the procedure and came back to me still asleep. The only time he cried was when they first took his clothes of and he was a little cold and then they gave him a blanky and he was fine. Now, since I did this for my first son of course I would do it for my second. I'm not going to have Codi be the child who got the weird looking pee pee because mama was freaked out by some lady and her pictures.

Also, in a few months, if I'm not able to have tubal ligation covered by insurance my husband will be having a vasectomy. And you know what, he won't feel a damn thing either. I have known plenty of people to have those and they all said it was painless. I think a lot of people only look at the negative side of research rather then look at the logical side. Yes there is a chance the baby can get hurt, but there is a chance he can get hurt while I carry him out of the hospital. I mean who knows I could go all Britney Spears and trip and fall and he could get hurt. So by this womans logic should I then never carry my son?

Anyway thank you all again for your comments. While I understand she wasn't mean at all and I appreciate that I am still bothered she felt the need to say anything at all at a time in my life that is supposed to be most fun. I guess she is lucky she got someone with a tough skin you know. I appreciate at least that she didn't come on my blog calling me names and saying awful things, but she still put the images in my head.

And yes Chrissy, as I was typing I was shocking myself that I wasn't cussing, but I'm sick and the cold has taken away some of my oomph. So just for you, shit, fuck, damn, whore, slut muffin! See I still know all my words!


angie said...

Good I'm glad you didn't let her get you down! We all know you do your fair research on everything before giving it to Brandon and Codi. Friday will be an exciting day and nothing should ruin that!!

crissy mathers said...

i knew you had it in you! way to go!

did you see that she had link on the sidebar about circumcision too? mabye she ust strolls around looking for places to post this kind of garbage comment?

Anonymous said...

It's pretty disapointing that in our society today we encourage women to remain ignorant and justify it by saying "this is supposed to be fun!".

There are parts of parenting that are fun, and there are parts that are hard. I think pregnancy is the perfect opportunity to educate yourself about issues that are going to come up while you have the time to read a bit.

Comparing unecessary cosmetic surgery to a potentially life saving surgery isn't a true comparison at all. The bottom line is that circing is needless. Just because he may or may not feel it doesn't make it ok.

FWIW, more and more boys are uncirced these days, to the point where when your son is in high school, he may the minority.

I don't say any of this to be mean. These are valid points, pregnancy isn't always fun, neither is parenthood. If someone makes you think maybe thats not such a bad thing. And it kind of shows a true lack of intellgence to get your friends to gang up on her, too.......she was sharing information that is valid and should be considered by most parents. Why CHOSE ignorance?

Anonymous said...

You are so ignorant and uneducated it's not even funny. Seriously, the majority of men all over the world are not circumcised and here you are saying that it's "a funny looking pee pee"? Wow, why don't you take up your opinion with God, since he's the one who makes all boys have foreskins. Or better yet, why don't you subject your baby girl to breast implants, since we all know boys like big breasts, we wouldn't want her to be single for life!

Pathetic sheep.

Misguided Mommy said...

ahhh you pull out the god card. you should have pulled that out on someone religious my dear

Pregnantly Plump said...

When I was pregnant last fall I remember reading a study about how men that were uncircumsized were more likely to have STDs.

When we were trying to get Little Elvis to sleep in his crib, we endured several nights of crying that made me cry. I wrote a post about it and someone wrote to me about how I was forever damaging my child by letting him cry. It was so frustrating to me and I wasn't sick or pregnant at the time.

Stephanie said...

I can't believe the comments you are not getting. The fact that you didn't let her comment bother you and merely pointed out your point of view is healthy for you given your situation. The fact that all this is going on just days before Codi is born bothers me. No pregnant woman should have to go through this.

And I think that if people have something to say, then they should say it and not be anonymous.

You are a strong woman!

rad ponytail said...

i commend you for taking the high road Shannon, the anon "ignorant and uneducated" comment would have made me mad. the part about the implants was just stupid and total reach. especially because whoever wrote it couldn't even stand behind their words enough to leave their name.

Sara said...

Wow, people really are insensitive. As parents we make choices that other parents may not agree with. It's our right. We shouldn't judge. Who the hell besides you should care if your sons are circ'd or not?

Anonymous said...

why are people getting so riled up over a decision that the parents are making for their children. i agree with sara when she says parents make choices that others might not agree with. some parents spank their kids, some let their children self soothe themselves to sleep, some get theirs girls ears pierced. who cares!! are the parents that spank their kids horrible parents? what about the parents who leave their kids in their crib crying to let them self soothe. i was spanked as a child and my wife wasn't. we both seemed to turn out ok. i believe in spanking but i do not spank my child because my wife doesn't believe in it. who is anyone to judge, and yes God will judge us. i believe in god, my wife is agnostic. i really don't think that cutting my child will send me to hell. anonymous, you're not a perfect parent or a perfect person. you're not a genius, and all educated cause you think you know everything there is to circumcision. you're not even big enough to leave a name. everyone is ignorant somehow. being ingnorant isn't a bad thing. that's how god mad us, that's what makes us human. and i don't think God likes it too much when you talk down on people and call them "pathetic sheep". that's really not very christian.


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