More about shaving

Okay first of all. YES I REALLY HAVE TO SHAVE. It is my hospital and doctors protocol so it has to be done. In fact even if I shave they will still go over it but it will be much better then having them do the whole thing dry right.

Second NO MY HUSBAND IS NOT DOING IT FOR ME. I feel uber unsexy right now and extra jiggly and the last thing I need is the hubs down there looking at my jello thighs mmmmkay.

Third WAXING ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MINDS Owww holy shit I don't even like my eyebrows waxed and you want me to wax my whoohaw and seriously the way things are right now I would probably piss on the lady as she did it and really thats just not nice.

So I guess I'm stuck with a mirror and an electric razor followed by my Venus razor in the shower. Sigh. The shit I get myself into!


Stephanie said...

I could seriously imagine you pissing on some lady trying to clean your woman parts. hahahahaah!

Anonymous said...

So I guess the final hours of pregnancy are the most fabulous...I'm gettin just as scared as Kat.

Good Luck tomorrow!!

Christy said...

Yeah, don't let Rob shave for you. That just seems weird. John has volunteered to shave my legs on several occasions, but I refused.

Gunfighter said...


Sorry to interrupt your lady-moments... but I had to shave my goodies the night before my vasectomy... it was pretty weird.

When the surgeon told me that I would have to shave, he could tell I was reluctant so he told me that either I did it myself or the nurse would do it before the surgery.

Good thing I did it myself.. I don't think I could have handled the indignity.

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