Must make my mark here while I can!

Lindz here from Confessions of a shoe addict :) Although Shannon and baby are now home safe and sound and does not necessarily need all of us guest bloggers, I certainly didn't want to fall through with my duties. And let me tell you, ever since Shannon granted me permission to be a guest blogger, I have been thinking "oh shit, what in the hell am I going to write about that compares AT ALL to what Shannon writes everyday????"

Seriously stress me out!!!!!!!!

So ever since then I have pondered and pondered what I could possibly write about today and look, it's 10:40pm and I am just now getting to it because I still have yet to come up with something that I deem worthy. On that note (lame as it may be) I'd like to instead take the opportunity to give Shannon some props for #1 managing to stress me out simply because I had to write on HER blog and #2 for being such a great blogger to make me feel that way. That's talent. So toot your horn girl. AND now you have two adorable sons so toot again.

I know I'll likely get some shit from Shannon for this post for being so insanely uncreative and lame with my writing but oh well. And since I am here I might as well drop the f-bomb because I can. So fuck yea, Shannon rocks.

Till I am granted permission again to write here (about something worthwhile) PEACE!


glamour girly said...

Lindz, thanks for stopping by my blog, and I want you to start one of your own! You can write about what you would buy if you had a sugar daddy:)

Anonymous said...

Great job Lindz! I'd be stressed too if I was a guest blogger :)

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