Nesting is a great excuse

So far today I have

  • Cleaned out the junk drawer in my kitchen
  • Cleaned out the other junk drawer in my kitchen
  • Cleaned out all other drawers in my kitchen, making one a baking drawer, one for big spoons, tongs and whisks, a sharps drawer and so on.
  • Cleaned out my utensil drawer
  • Washed the sheets on my bed (still want to wash each pillow too)
  • Washed Brandon's shower curtain
  • Washed Codi's sheets
  • Washed my guest blankets
  • Washed my whites
  • Washed my towels
Things I have done this past month
  • Cleaned out my pantry (with hubbies help in the high places)
  • Cleaned out my laundry room
  • Organized all of Codi's drawers
  • Washed Brandon's sheets four times (fucking cat)
  • Washed the changing pad cover in Codis room
  • Cleaned out my nick nack drawers and cabinets
  • Organized all of my cards
  • Cleaned closet and drawers (technically mom did this for me but shhhh)
  • Cleaned out Brandon's drawers and closet
  • Repacked diaper bag
  • Packed bag for hospital
  • Packed Codi's bag for hospital (yes we need separate bags)
  • Supervised installation of car seats
  • Supervised rearrangement of both car seats in car
  • Supervised building of bassinet
  • Washed bassinet bedding
  • Washed all of Brandon's blankets
  • Washed my rugs (need to do one more time)
  • Washed table cloth (8 times)


Anonymous said...

HMMM...Nesting...so all I need to get more stuff done around my house is get pregnant :)

I wish I had all that productive energy!!

Kat said...

You sure did a lot of washing. So everything is all neat and clean before Cody's arrival. Where do you take the energy from?

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