Shannon a self portrait

I'm sitting at work talking to the girl in my office. We are chatting about some work stuff when I start coughing and suddenly puke. Instinct makes me put my hand up and try and catch the puke. So I've now got puke in my hands on my face on my floor and all over me. I got it everywhere but in the trash. The girl in my office stops talking, stands there for a second and walks out gagging before breaking out in a fit of laughter at me.

Now, I'm so afraid of puking that every time I cough I sort of half cough and half choke trying to hold the cough in to prevent myself from puking more. Combine that with the fact that I had to wear a panty liner today because all the coughing was leading to to much peeing and I am one sexy motherfucker today.

Oh wait, wait, to add to the sexiness I'm wearing a bright green St. Patrick's day shirt with my hair going every which way from sleeping on it wet. I mean really people, its hard to achieve this brand of sexy!


Jim said...

Is that the expectant mother "glow" that they talk about?


Anonymous said...

Oh Momma, why aren't you at home resting? You are 3 days from giving birth & sick...please go home before I have to leave my job, get on a plane to vegas just to take you home. Seriously I don't have the money...go home immediately :) xoxo

Coffee Slut said...

some people will do anything for attention! haahahah You should be home RESTING! Get better!!!

Ginger said...

Wow, you are super sexy!

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