Tagged twice in one day

So this is a "Four" Meme. I was tagged by Valley girl Here goes:

4 Dishes I "Like" to "Cook":
1. Fried chicken and mashed potatoes for my husband
2. Soups
3. Any form of potatoes
4. Poached salmon

4 Qualities I Love in People:
1. Humor
2. Openness, I hate secretive people
3. Loyalty
4. Honesty

4 Places I Have Been:
1. Hawaii
2. Caribbean
3. Puerto Vallarta
4. Idaho

4 Things in My Bedroom
1. A whole whole lot of clothes
2. My Coach purse collection
3. Random baby toys
4. Earplugs

4 Dirty Words I Like
1. Slut muffin
2. Fuck
3. Whore
4. Asshole

And with that, I am tagging:
1. Babba
2. NYC Girl
3. Megan
4. Sabrina
5. Coffee Slut (because she is always blogstipated)


Blogversary said...

The ear plugs are true for me too. I don't wear them a lot, but they are must in some cases.

Anonymous said...

:( I want my blog back!!! :*(

I may have to start over... They're saying i can't get it back without my security question... but that got changed, too.

Humor Girl

Rachel said...

I have a eye mask since my hubby stays up late reading..no ear plugs but I should. LOL


Coffee Slut said...

I sometimes use ear plugs if hubby is snoring extra loud, but I always use my sound machine ...LOVE that thing!
Hey ...FIVE DAYS to go! WoooHooo!

MrsGrumpy said...

Look at you, Miss 5 days left. How exciting.

Valley Girl said...

LOL @ "Slut Muffin!!!"

Btw, can you cook me fried chicken and mashed potatoes? Mmmm!!!

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