From Lorie!

Lorie took pity on me one day when I told her me and my friends are soooo not creative and so she decided to make a present for my little Codi. It is so damn cute and so personal I want to frame it. But I figure I'll wait to frame it until Codi wears it a few times and then craps on the bottom and I need to frame it to hide the stains!

From Chrissy!

Chrissy has obviously been following my diaper bag debacle. She sent me this amazing little diaper caddy thingy that matches my diaper bag so well. I love this and I want to carry it around everywhere I go and show off how cool I am that I have a hand made diaper thingy. The best part is that I was able to take the skip hop doohicky and store extra diapers and wipes and gadgets in it for my car. It was just the right size to put some spares in and hide them under my seat.

I agonized over what to get both of these girls as they had babies within days of each other. I wanted to buy them both Bundle Me's but then I realized I was talking about uber creative women here and I scrapped that idea. So I thought and thought and though about something I can do. I finally came up with a small idea that I can actually make myself and I've also commissioned a new friend to make this other great thing for them. Soooo they have to have a little patience but thy will so be getting some really awesome gifts from me in the mail as soon as I stop being a lazy ass!

Thank you both again so freaking much I loooooove the gifts!

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Cristina Mathers said...

uhh thanks for all the nice words, but i hope you know i didn't make that. i ordered it from other creative person. i am hardly creative, but thanks for thinking i am! glad you like it!

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