When husbands blame it on the kids

I can't remember if I blogged about this yet. If so, sorry blame it on the Vicodin and the baby haze. Last week I threw up while I was going pee. I caught it in my hand but a couple drops got on the rug. I was going to wash the rug but first I needed to change the bag in the trash and rinse it. The puke was pink so it stood way out. I came back and the puke was gone. I thought I was losing my mind. Later that day I asked Rob if he cleaned the rug and he replied, "what rug"? I was more confused. This is the conversation that took place after that.

Me: That is so weird that the pink spots just disappeared
Rob: That is weird
Me: Wait, you didn't just flip over the rug did you?
Rob: That doesn't sound like something I would do does it
Me: Umm it sounds exactly like something you would do
Rob: Nooooooooooooooo
Me: So you mean to tell me that instead of putting it in the hamper
Rob: Nooooooo maybe you should ask Brandon
Me: I should ask Brandon what YOU did with the floor mat
Rob: Nooo you should ask Brandon I bet he flipped it over.
Me: Our two year old son went in the bathroom and turned over a bathmat and some how managed to put it back perfectly in place?
Rob: Yeah sounds right, but you know you probably shouldn't ask him, I'm sure he wouldn't remember, you know how kids and their memories are.
Me: So no you blame it on your son and then tell me he won't remember
Rob: Well it sounds like something a kid would do
Me: No it sounds like something you would do, no wait you were right, because you are a kid.
Me: So why didn't you just put it in the hamper?
Rob: I dunnno I wanted to eat dinner
Me: AHA so you did do it!

We are so going to have to teach our kids, MONKEY SEE NOT MONKEY DO!

I should also add this post took me over and hour because the vicodin is making it hard to type more then 4 letters at a time and even harder to think of


Kat said...

I love the conversations between you and Rob. Can't believe he tried to blame it on poor Brandon though :) Nice try Dude but your wife is always one step ahead of ya'

Anonymous said...

That's freaking creative...blame it on your son!

ahh Vicodin, now that's a sweet pain reliever if I recall from my surgery. They didn't send me home with any just gave it to me in the hospital...i'm surprised you even wrote this much.

Christy said...

Really Shannon, I can't believe you are blogging. Go rest goof ball.

Cristina Mathers said...

that was hilarious, and totally something that my hubly would do. well, the rug thing. i doubt he'd blame it on ellie but only because he wouldn't think of that.

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