You are all sick sick people

So the other day I posted about throwing away chocolate cake. I am shocked at all of you. SHOCKED YOU HEAR! I can't believe that every damn one of you told me to get the cake out of the trash. You are sick sick people. Every person I talked to said the same. Are you all serious. THERE ARE GERMS IN TRASH CANS PEOPLE! I can't believe you guys would actually eat something that was in the trash can. All I can visualize is little dirty trash germ bugs covered in goo infesting my cake the second it went in the trash and you people want me to eat it. I think I need to re-evaluate the people in my life. What is by far worse is how many people admitted to doing it. One person even went so far as to say the only thing that stops her from digging out of the trash is to cover the food in salt from head to toe before putting it in the trash. ARE YOU GUYS KIDDING ME? You have to cover it in salt as a deterrent. Aren't the gooey trash bugs deterrents enough?


Excuse me I need to go wash my hands now!


uumomma said...

uh..i DIDNOT say to get it out of the trash...in fact, out off 7 comments i was THE ONLY one who did not say "get it out"....
i said:
you clearly need meds!

i would not have dug it out, i would sent hubz to the store to buy MORE...but thats just meeeeee

uumomma said...

may i would have dug it out
20 sec rule and all

Anonymous said...

I don't think I told you to get it out of the garbage...yuck! yuck!

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