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This year has been a great one!

2007 brought:

My sweet Codi! He was the very best part of all.

Brandon started talking in coherent sentences and also understanding what I said, this means it brought my son telling me he is so happy, he loves me, He loves baby brother and so on.

Me losing 34 lbs gaining 45 and so far losing 16 more. Uggg

A redisovered passion for riding my bike. I know this seems dumb but honestly finding something that helps me clear my head instantly was so necessary.

My husbands new job, meaning he was home during the day, and he is happy. I mean knowing that he is happy, wow that was one of the best things of all.

My new car. Yeah yeah material, but whatever.

My amazing new friendship with Jen. I am ever so thankful that her and I started yahooing that one faitful day. It was awesome and much needed, and even though she isn't here it is so wonderful having someone who knows exactly how I feel 98% of the time. It's 98% and not 100% because dude...she wears tapered jeans and I'll never know how that feels!

More responsibility at work. I love this part. I love love love knowing that I'm needed at work.

My husbands new friends, friends that don't do drugs, or drink excessively and who actually come over and hang out and keep their plans.

I tag Ginger, Jen, Lindz, Heidi

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Jeninacide said...

Dude! They are Levi SKINNY JEANS. You make me sound like some kind of MARM with tapered jeans.. Ha.


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