Bet you forgot what they looked like

It's all wet here in Reno today. Codi decided he better put on his wee little shoes to keep his feet from getting wet!
See my teensy tiny shoes

Brandon finally got to sport his rain coat and matching galoshes and seriously I'm overwhelmed with the cuteness of them

And the cuteness of this

He looks like he is sleeping but really he is preparing to wail!

Look you think I'm all quite and cute but I'm about to start screaming and making my bottom lip quiver so that mommy gets all sad and then picks me up and gives me lots of boobie!


Christy said...

Does Codi sleep in his swing? Izzy is taking ALL of his naps in his swing.

Jeninacide said...

Ok- so is it just me or is boobie just like theCURE FOR EVERYTHING??

Em said...

The cutest thing!

Cheatwoods said...

cutie cutie, I see you in both of them, in those pictures1 I love it. I love having two boys it is the best!!

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