As my husband called it, MASS TITTIES

Saw the doctor today. Yup I have mastitis. Fun fun! Also, Shawna is a damn genius. I was all hey Shawna, I have a fever and chills and I feel kinda dizzy and she was all "I am super genius, you have mastitis!" It was amazing man. I told my husband and his response was well duh Shannon she's a nurse she has to be smart like that you know. This coming from the guy who when I texted him that I might have mastitis wrote back, mass titties and then wrote back, ha ha TITTIES! Mmmhmm now whose the super genius? Anyway that now explains why I have been going from hot to cold in an instant and why my boob feels like it's on fire, and I'm sort of dizzy. To quote my doctor mastitis will make you feel like you have the flu. I now have to take a medicine that is going to cause me to have to purchase some...ahem, Montestat. Yay for me.

Codi was just sitting here fussing and all the sudden SPLOOOOOOGE he squirted out a giant poop. Before he even finished the poop he was passed out. I found it hilarious. Cept now i don't know what to do. He is totally passed out and I could actually put him in his bassinet right now but he has a poop. Do I risk changing it and having him be wide awake? Of course I do. Sigh. Why on earth did he have to poop right before he fell asleep?

Brandon, where are daddies Pringles

Ohhh because that is where they belong huh?

Hey you thought my belly was big before, now look at it

My first postpartum picture. Hmmm not the worst, not the best though.

Look at my little squishy face! Don't you just want to squishy squish squish it!


Not So Perfect said...

You and your babies are so cute. And glad you got an official diagnosis. Brandon looking under the bed for Pringles is so cute, OMG.

Swistle said...

Mastitis is so bad. Hope you feel better soon.

Baby is so cute. Hope you squeeze his cheeks soon because they are ripe for the squeezin'.

Scott and Lorie said...

I've heard mastitis blows! I'm so sorry babe! Oh and Henry has those carter onesies, the fire man ones. too cute!!!

Kat said...

I imagine Mastitis being a real pain in the boob. Seriously I hope you are feeling better already. Get well soon.

Cristina Mathers said...

you look great! and i have that shirt too.

karla said...

Mass Titties. That's pretty funny!

Good god, could your little munchkin get any cuter? Totally wanting to squish squish squish over here!

MrsGrumpy said...

Oh, I so want to do some squishying to that little face. And the tummy! Good lord! He is so sweet. Given the post a few posts back about the poops up the back of the shirt...I am thinking you made the correct call on changing him. Why is is that boys seem to do that so much more often than girls? My daughter was always fairly neat with her newborn poops. My son? Poops up the back and pee up the front... blech. You look terrific in your picture btw.

Eva said...

He is so beautiful.

Sorry about the mastitis. It is so awful, and trying to care for others while you're so sick really stinks.

My unsolicited advice... you really, really don't want you and the baby to get thrush, which can happen with antibiotics. What I did was start eating one of those Activia yogurts every day to try to regain good bacteria in my system, and I think it helped.

Good luck!

SaLy said...

Mastitis SUCKS!!! Hope you are feeling better.

And also, I can't see the photos. :(

Anonymous said...

I had to google Mastitis, to see what it was. And I was giggling and thinking the same thing as your husband.
Great minds...huh?!

Of course when I read what it was I felt sooo bad that you have to go through this. I hope you are better.

Em said...

Youch mastitus! Brandon is so funny! And you look great!

Crazy said...
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