Diseases of the mouth

I was over reading this blog where she often talks about the funny things she says. It reminded me of a time I made a total idiot out of myself. You know the one where you say something and you get that deadpan, how the hell do I respond to that look. Here is the conversation...its short and not sweet.

I was delivering some stuff to one of our vendors. The lady who worked there happened to be my moms friend from high school who had just moved back to town. It goes like this.

Girl: Wow it's so nice to finally meet you, I've known your mom since high school so It's great to meet you.

Super Smart Shannon: Yeah, high school well, that was a long time ago huh?

Girl: Dead stare

SSS: I mean, Umm I'm not saying your old, I mean you are, but I just meant that was a long time to still know each other, umm, uhh I have to go.

Girl: Dead stare

I'm such a dumb ass!


Not So Perfect said...

Hilarious dude tell us more. I have thought about getting a shirt that says insert foot here with a arrow pointing up. I think it has something to do with my extreme fear of uncomfortable silence so I fill in the silence with something like what you said. So so funny.

Christy said...

Your funny. We all say stupid shit sometimes.

Lindz said...

Clearly I do that shit all of the time too and I freaking hate it. How about asking a black student at school if he celebrates Kwanzaa? Yeah, smart.

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