I need a drink..oh wait I don't drink

I need a good drink to get me through all the cleaning that I have to do after Christmas. Good grief we made one hell of a mess, and putting the new stuff away means putting the old stuff somewhere.
hugging his new easel / desk thingy

Rob being cute & not flipping off the camera

His favorite present of all CHEETOS

Second favorite present of all Bubbles


Painting with his camera

Codi totally enjoying Christmas in his jammies, on the blankie from Jen

Mamas new jammies

Brandons new jammies

Daddies new jammies (he asked me not to post this pic on the blog, he asked me to promise, I told him I couldn't promise that, so in all fairness dear I DID NOT PROMISE YOU)

Arriving at my moms house, if you biggify this you can see the mass plethora of new Baby Gap clothes for Codi on that little table that was for Brandon.

K now on to the important stuff. Rob got me this amazing new tomato and cheese knife (we use a lot of fresh mozzarella and it is a bitch to cut with out a specialty knife. Plus its a Wusthof so swoon.

One of my new cutting boards, yes I said ONE, my mom and hubs both got me one..I'm spoiled

The new Wusthof knife block Rob got me, until now I had one that said Miracle Blade....we won't even talk about that. The block came with new kitchen scissors, the fancy kind you can take apart and clean

My new meat pounder/tenderizor from Rob (I don't want to hear about the sideways picture I'm lazy)

My new mandoline from Rob I can't wait to slice some potato chips with this bad boy.

Kitchen trinkets from my mom

Closeup on the measuring spoons, those are highly technical cooking terms

My new cookbook from Ginger I've tried and tried to create my own cookbooks but they have never been pretty enough or functional, one is handwritten in a notebook and the other is printed on note cards and the third one is printed on white paper in a binder and is awful.

From my mom I also got, a gift card to Williams Sonoma (major score), a huge gift card to Sephora (my hair is so fucking happy I can finally buy some more Philosophy shampoo and conditioner and face wash and ooo the things I can get), a starbucks card, a private sushi cooking class at the little cooking school here, and a private gluten free cooking class, a Lang calender, and a Christmas ornament, and then the cutting bored and cooking tools pictured above. I think I am forgetting stuff but I tried to remember it all.

Between Rob and my mom I got so ridiculously spoiled!
What did you get?


karla said...

Dude, I totally think Biggify is my new favorite word. And your kids are so worth biggifying because they are ADORABLE.

Lainey-Paney said...

first & foremost: my husband had the same candy cane jammy pants from old navy.

glad you had such a wonderful Christmas!!!!!

...and yes, our place is a royal mess too.

Cristina Mathers said...

ok, i thought i was the only one in the world that had the pinch, smidge and dash measuring spoons. figures that you would be the only other one.

Britt said...

Awwww! What fun Christmas pictures, and I must say, you're looking really good. I love all the kitchen stuff you got.

I got concert tickets, a coat, and a trip to Disneyland. Wahoooooo!

Anonymous said...

You're not kidding, Santa was definitely sweet on you! Cool new toys for you.

Christy said...

Nothing. Christmas wasn't very merry over here.

Colleen said...

I just had to say.... I have the same bedroom dresser.

Anonymous said...

yeh, whatever. you suck...

guess who...grrr

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