Oh yeah the doctor...edited for lindsey the smartass

Forgot. We took Codi for his two week check up. He weighed in at 8 lbs which was awesome. At his 3 day check up he weighed 7 lbs exactly. The doctor said he liked to see a weight gain of 1 ounce a day and he gained 16 in 11 days so we were right on track.

Birth weight 7.3 lbs
Current weight (as of last friday) 8 lbs

Birth height 19.5 inches
current 20.25 inches

Everything else was great. He is still a little jaundiced because our blood types were different. Doctor said just to keep an eye on it. Other then that no problems and we go back at his two month check up for dreaded shots!


Not So Perfect said...

Codi is doing so well. So it seems he takes after his brother at being a champ nurser. It is so hard to tell exactly how much milk they are getting when you nurse, I remember the relief I would feel when Ella's weight went up. Yay Codi!

Lindz said...

He only weighs 8 oz? But he looks so big :)

Kat said...

Great to hear the little man is doing well. Sorry for the stupid question but I've never heard or thought about it. What happens if the baby and mom have different blood types?

Lindz said...

I thought maybe you liked me because I am a smartass? No?

Jeninacide said...

Wow it is soo hard to believe our little guys are like the SAME SIZE! Ahh I am soo happy that he's doing so well! I can't wait for him and Cole to be best friends! I am FINALLY in the MOMMY CLUB! :-D

Laura McIntyre said...

Growing like a champ, big boy

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