Snow day

Codi enjoyed the snow from the safety of his Boppy inside the house

He found his sleeve more fun then the cold snow

He wanted to catch a snowflake on his tongue like Brandon but none made it inside

Ready to go out and play

Karate chopping the snow off his fort

He really didn't care about getting wet

He called that a snowman

That was also a snowman

Look more snowman???

Mmmmmmmm frozen water

I like to lick the snow off my jacket

This shit taste good

He actually sat in that chair full of snow and played at the table. I sat inside the door the whole time freezing my ass off cursing this damn snow for coming to my town. Yes Ginger I know, 26 years I should be used to it. I'M NOT I HATE SNOW! Go away go visit someone who wants snow!


Cheatwoods said...

look how cute codi is getting!!

angie said...

Ok I can now see how much Codi looks like you!! Brandon I see a little, but these pictures codi looks just like his mama!!!

Anonymous said...


BOOOOO Snow!!!

Brandon looks so cute all wrapped up in his winter best!

I think Codi look like you too :)

karla said...

I can't get over how fast Codi is changing. Man, he's a cutie! Just like his brother.

Cristina Mathers said...

adorable. i wonder what ellie would do if she saw snow

Christy said...

I LOVE snow. We got a little here in Jersey, but it has already melted.

Em said...

I am gutted you have snow, we never have snow anymore!

Not So Perfect said...

I can't believe you guys get snow, right there in your backyard. It looks like lots of fun. I am sure it would get old after while though.

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