Wamart makes the men do strange things

Does your Walmart have anything in front of it? Mine has a nail salon and an eye glass place in front. Every time I walk out I check out the little nail salon for no good reason. Twice now though on two separate occasions I've looked in there to see men getting manicures. Now let me first say I see nothing wrong with men getting manicures at all. I do find it strange though that that would pick Walmart to get them, especially since it is a wide open space in the very front of the store where every single person has to pass to get out. Because of this I find it terribly hard to not giggle at them when I walk by. I don't know why I find it funny. I mean, it's Walmart and it has happened twice in one month that I've seen these extremely dorky looking men sitting there getting their manicures. Do you find it funny or is it only me who is giggling about this. I mean if your going to do it, go to a salon or a nail place where you are inside and no one can walk by and laugh at you.


Someone Being Me said...

I think it actually makes more sense for them to do it at Walmart. I can't convince my husband to go get a pedicure at my girly nail place but he might feel slightly more comfortable at a mainstream place like Walmart. I see more and more guys coming in to get pedicures at my nail salon. I've even seen the occasional male eye brow waxing. I think it is great that they are going to some of the same lengths to take care of themselves that their wives or girlfriends are.

Stephanie said...

I would actually giggle as well. I see them going there rather than somewhere else because a true salon might be more intimidating? Huh, just my take on it.

Kat said...

I would so LMAO. It would make me absolutely uncomfortable to sit there instead of in the comfort of a salon.
With people passing all the time it seems a strange place to set p a nail salon place...weird. Ever gotten the "evil eye" from any of the guys for laughing at them?

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