Your going to gain weight reading this post

The day started out with Brandon playing some video games. I like this picture because if you look closely you can see that he is actually moving the whole controller to the left hoping Mario will just move with it.

Yes mommy you got a one up

Then he got a little shy when Ginger first got there and hid from her

Holy groceries

And the destruction starts. See all that, yeah, ALL that was to make ONE batch of pumpkin cookies, can I just tell you how much more of a mess this was after 3 batches of cookies?

First batch of Pumpkin cookies hot out of the oven. I walked over and grabbed one to taste while it was warm and gave Brandon some. Ginger said, "your mommy is not supposed to be tasting these already." Brandon just laughed and stuffed cookie in his mouth. He looooved these cookies.

Making macaroons. Let me just tell you what a damn mess this was. You see, the directions say, add enough of this to that until it becomes sticky. WELL I of course couldn't determine sticky with out sticking my hands in it. So the next thing you know I'm covered in coconut goo that was so sticky it could rival super glue.

The first batch of raspberry and orange cookies. I only tasted about 2 of these at this point because I was waiting for the real excitement.

Codi was very busy while we were cooking

Well I mean, if there are this many cookies no one is going to notice if I taste just one more right.

Weeeeeeee melting chocolate.

Ginger dunking cookies in chocolate....I forced her to smile showing her teeth, I hate close mouth smiles, you don't look like your having as much fun as open mouth smiles!

This is what Rob did while I slaved away in the kitchen making Christmas presents

At this point Brandon was past sugar high, past flying, and moved on to teleporting from his sugar high. I only tasted about 3 of these, one raspberry, one orange and another raspberry that I picked while trying to find an orange.

These were the future home of peppermint bark

Cutting up more chocolate

Ginger thought posting a picture of me licking all the chocolate off the counter while sporting my empty moby would be funny. I was like ehh, do what you want I'm busy with the chocolate licking!

Little peppermint barks ready to be chilled

Kinda looks like snow huh

The first days dishes

The macaroons before we dipped them in chocolate. I only ate two undipped and two dipped...I think
Either way these turned out amazing and Ginger and I ended up pissed that we didn't make more. We weren't sure how they would taste so we only made 3 batches (doesn't make much) and then they turned out to be the best of all and we were super pissed that we didn't triple what we made.

Codi was still hard at work

I got up early the next morning to glaze the pumpkin cookies..Brandon called them cookies with ice cream and proceeded to lick all the frosting off and hand me back the cookie.

What is one to do with all that left over glaze?

Codi still hard at work

The start of making truffles

Here is this mornings aftermath. You see along with making all of this, I had company coming over for dinner at 6pm. We finished the truffles at 6:25pm. So after all that mess I had to make dinner to. This is what I woke up to this morning.
(I made this for my company, but I did mashies instead of risotto)

More of what I woke up to

Some of the finished product

A look inside. This box is with out macaroons, in case you don't like coconut!


Not So Perfect said...

Okay where is my box???

Looks so good and like lots of fun.

Poor poor Rob, Quentin hates when I take pics of him too. I love the middle finger look.

Not So Perfect said...

Can I blame this post if I gain weight this week?

Stephanie said...

Looks very yummy! I bet you guys had a great time!

Christy said...

Way too much work. I don't know how you have the engery Shannon. I am barely functioning.

Jayla's mom said...

OMG, those cookies look soooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that you made so many cookies! I made one batch of x-mas cookies and was done for ;)

MamaChing said...

Okay so when do my cookies arrive? The last picture makes me really hungry....yum!

Cristina Mathers said...

wow you are hardcore! all i make is fudge. and seriously, where are my cookies?

you are looking good by the way!

Coffee Slut said...

How in the world do you find the time for baking with 2 little ones?!! I know, you don't sleep, right?

Cheeziemommie said...

Those look gorgeous and I just love your captions :) We had a baking day this weekend too! I didn't taste much but I saved a big plate for my house in addition to the plates I was giving away. Well I still haven't been able to taste those either because I got some kind of flu bug this morning! UGH Well that's how you AVOID gaining weight on baking day! ;)

Anonymous said...

OMG! You did such an awesome job. I have never seen anything like that. Everything looks yummy.

Someone Being Me said...

Did you post these recipes somewhere and I missed it? The cookies look amazing. I really need the coconut macaroon recipe and the truffles. Yum!

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