In which my brain dribbles NOTHING!

I came home today and my house was spotless. But! Wait! Theres! More! HE VACUUMED PEOPLE. Whoah. I couldn't believe it. My husband is amazing. In the 5 years we have been together I think this is only the second time he has vacuumed. Then he even offered to give my son a bath. Am I dreaming here? It was amazing.

Are you jealous?


I married a wonderful man!

On to other stuff. I went to the gym yesterday and upped my time to 40 minutes. Only problem is 20 minutes into it I was bored out of my mind. Not to mention the TV thingamajigy on my machine didn't work so I was left to listen to my music and people watch. Enter problem number two. There was no one at the gym so I couldn't even make fun of people to myself. GOSH! I'm working really hard at trying to sucker Stephanie to getting a membership at my gym and leaving hers in the dust. Only problem is she is UBER busy so she would probably never have the chance to go with me.

I have managed to go almost five days without a soda or bread and I'm kind of freaking out here. We went to the Olive Garden today and I didn't have a breadstick or pasta. Are you kidding me? NOT EVEN ONE BREADSTICK. BUT WAIT! Theres More! There were two bowls of croûtons brought to the table because everyone was fighting over them. TWO! as in, not one but two. One on each side of me. I wanted to jump right out the window, only, we were in a single story building so, really! I wouldn't have accomplished shit. Right! Then, yes! THEN! I noticed that they had added THREE, thats one more then the bowl of croûtons, THREE NEW FABULOUS DESERTS. One of them was a chocolate soufflé with chocolate sauce on the top set on top of a vanilla cream sauce with raspberry's next to it. Well fuck me! I only got to look at the deliciousness on the menu. No one at my damn table even had the decency to order it, eat it and declare it trash. There was some kind of apple cinnamon bread pudding stuff that looked like it would for sure be happiest in my belly and a new Lemon cake that looked so light and fluffy I'm sure I would have floated away just eating it. I HATE OLIVE GARDEN! What a bunch of jerks. Oh wait I did notice AFTER I went there and was on their website that they offer gluten free dishes. Fat lot of good that did me as I sat there eating three bowls of salad because it said no where on the menu gluten free ANYTHING.

I came home and made some dinner. Since I'm counting calories I made some homemade Spanish style brown rice. It was actually pretty tasty for a low calorie dish. I guess that is the good part about loving to cook. Diets aren't really all that bad when I'm creating some pretty good shit here.

My cousin Angelique is so funny. She is one of my two loyal blogger buddies who come read my blog daily and she's so cute because she messages me if I go more then a day with out blogging. To be perfectly honest it makes me feel special that someone wants to come read my mindless brain dribble.

Tomorrow Stephanie and I are supposed to workout. She is coming as a guest. I'm flipping the fuck out because she is super in shape and all I RUN 5 MILES and I'm all RUN, WHAT? ARE WE RUNNING AFTER THE ICE CREAM TRUCK? There are only a few times in life I run. When I hear my son cry. When I'm scared. When I'm on the other side of my work and the phone rings and when someone yells FREE CHOCOLATE FOR THE FAT GIRLS. The gym, however under no circumstances counts as a situation where I feel it is necessary to run. I prefer my lovely low impact elliptical machine. I work out on there and almost break a sweat and feel like I'm getting totally fit! Go me! But! then some skinnny litte chic gets on the treadmill and starts running at full speed like a champ and all I'm thinking is, "Is this bitch here just to show off her cute little body and get compliments when she complains about her invisible cellulite and fake flab1" Don't even get me started on the weights. A couple weeks ago someone actually laughed at me when I set the machine to my measly 30 lbs. HE LAUGHED! I wanted to cry. Instead I just rushed home and ate some ice cream.

I'm done now. This blog is boring and uninteresting and has no real direction. I'm out people.

Things my husband does to make me swoon V3.0.21

This week Rob has been spending a lot of time home with Brandon. The first way that you can tell is the fact that every single toy my son owns is somewhere on the floor in my house. When I got home last night I was a little frustrated to say the least at the huge disaster in my house. However. This morning when I went into Brandon's room and saw those two I almost cried. Rob was curled up in Brandons crib (which we converted to a day bed) and Brandon was in there too with his cup of milk jumping up and down and they were both watching Ice Age I almost melted. It was sooooo cute seeing them hang out together like best buds. I loved it. Later Told me that Brandon grabbed his hand and took him in his room and pointed at his toy box until Rob opened it. Then he took out each toy and played with it. Sooo cute. After that I didn't care about the mess one bit. In fact I hoped to see that mess every day.

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